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Carbon Sequestration Celebration

Join Yellow Barn Farm and Metacarbon Organic Farm for the annual Carbon Sequestration tree planting celebration in partnership with Drylands Agroecology Research.
Bring your overalls and come celebrate the beginning of spring with us in this MASSIVE TREE PLANTING EVENT SERIES!

APRIL 10 & 11: Metacarbon Organic Farm
APRIL 16th, 17th & 18th: Yellow Barn Farm (at Allen's Farm Historic Property)
Interested in learning more about Regenerative Agriculture?
Want to participate in real climate action in our community?
Take part in leaving a lasting legacy in to help to fuel the local food movement?
We will be planting thousands of trees in diverse Regenerative Agriculture systems.
Bring the family, invite your community members, and come join the movement towards sustainable, responsible land stewardship.
Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided.

Planting will begin at 10am each day. Please bring gloves if you have them!
Afternoon Regenerative Agriculture Discussions, as well as tours of the projects will be offered with Nick DiDomenico Jr (Co-Founder of DAR), Farm Staff, and special guests.

If you cannot join in person but you want to contribute,
You feel inspired to further contribute:
Adopt a Tree
Help us cover the cost and support local projects by dedicating a tree friend, community member, or greater good.

COVID: This event will be held outside
following all social distancing protocols. Please wear a mask. We will divide work groups based on friends/family pods. There is plenty of fresh air and space to enjoy!

About Yellow Barn Farm:
Allen’s Farm was originally an international equestrian center operating as a large-scale event and boarding facility with over 50 horses and 100 riders. We have since chosen to revitalize this land for low-scale, high-quality food production, community building, and sustainability education. In partnership with Drylands Agroecology Research Foundation, we are able to research, implement, and cultivate practices of regenerative farming, animal management, carbon sequestration, soil heath, and dynamic/adaptable organizational structures.

About Metacarbon Organic Farm:
MetaCarbon Organic Farms started as a vision among friends revolving around the concept of communal, regenerative farming that brings together like-minded individuals on the Front Range of Colorado and beyond. Through the production of regeneratively grown vegetables, hemp and other agricultural products, we see ourselves changing the face of modern agriculture — one tomato at a time. We also seek to become a premier location for food production, education, on-site and off-site events (weddings, conferences, retreats). Our unique approach to sales and distribution that utilizes IT infrastructure and ties in with the networking of communal groups is one of our many experiments in trying to push humanity collectively toward a brighter future.

About Drylands Agroecology Research:
Drylands Agroecology Research is a grassroots organization, grounded firmly in regenerative lifestyle, rooted deeply in earth-based livelihood, that links a team of regenerative land designers, research professionals, and systems thinkers dedicated to revisioning land stewardship practices, rebuilding damaged ecosystems, and proliferating regenerative practice.

About Nick DiDomenico Jr:
Hailing from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Nick is a regenerative designer, farmer, and builder. While exploring the vast ecosystems of the Peruvian Amazon, he discovered Permaculture design working to establish food systems in an off-grid community. Inspired by indigenous culture and ancient farming practices, Nick is working passionately to design the future of living systems. In 2015, he began restoring a dry and barren parcel of land north of Boulder, Colorado, now Elk Run Farm and Homestead. Along with a blooming forest garden, vegetable production, and staple grain crops, he raises sheep, pigs, chickens, and ducks to build soil and rejuvenate the landscape. Named Permaculture Project of the Year in Colorado, Elk Run has also become the pilot research project for Drylands Agroecology Research. Over 1,600 fruiting trees have been established without any supplemental irrigation using techniques developed by the nonprofit. Nick resides at the homestead with his partner Marissa, where they offer classes on forest gardening, regenerative agriculture, herbal medicine, fermentation and other holistic living practices

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