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Event: Reducing your breast cancer risk today with healthy choices

Join leading breast cancer experts live for the Wellness for Breast Health webinar presented by Centura Health Breast Centers of Excellence on October 26
Longmont Hospital Spotlight_Breast cancer webinar

Breast cancer became the most common cancer globally as of 2021, accounting for 12 per cent of all new annual cancer cases worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. And the most significant risk factors for breast cancer remain sex (being a woman) and age (growing older).

What is the latest research telling us about reducing the risk of breast cancer?

In what ways does eating well and physical activity play a role in safeguarding our overall wellness?

And, what healthy choices can we make today to fight against breast cancer?

Healthy living DOES makes a difference.

Among some of the greatest risk factors for cancer are lifestyle choices. The World Cancer Research Fund estimates nearly 20 per cent of all cancers in the U.S. are caused by a combination of excess weight, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle.

These causes, in most cases, are within our control. So, how can you play a more active role in your health?

Join Dr. Eiko Browning, Medical Oncologist and Jane Motler, Oncology Nutritionist on October 26 at 4:30 pm for an important discussion about reducing the risk of breast cancer by making healthy choices. 

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For more information, including complete details, please email JessicaWilkerson@Centura.Org, AnandaBadet@Centura.Org, or call Centura Health Breast Centres of Excellence at 303-485-4532.

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