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Fewer Boulder County voters turned out for midterms versus 2018

Active voter turnout was still higher than state this election
Boulder County's Ballot Processing Center

Boulder County’s voter turnout for the 2022 midterms saw nearly 11,000 fewer votes than the 2018 election.

The 6.4% dip reflects trends in voter turnout for this midterm election compared to the 2018 midterms. Midterm elections tend to see fewer voters than years with presidential elections, and 2018 was a historic year for voter turnout.

There were 167,208 ballots counted in Boulder County earlier this month compared to 178,643 in 2018. That’s equal to 74.5% of active voters this year as opposed to 82.3% of active voters in 2018.

Notably, Boulder County once again beat the proportion of active voter turnout statewide, with 66.3% of active Colorado voters casting ballots. In 2018, 74.9% of active voters statewide cast a ballot.

There were 2,540,680 ballots cast in Colorado for this year’s election, compared to 2,566,784 in 2018. At about 1%, this is a less significant drop in total ballots cast compared to Boulder County.

Of the ballots cast this year in Boulder County, 44,235 came from Longmont compared to 66,648 active voters — about two-thirds of active voters in Longmont. About 14,000, or nearly a third of Longmont ballots, were collected from Longmont voters on Election Day.