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Community Guidelines

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Account Basics

Your account allows you to participate in commenting and other features in our online community.  Your account must be created using a valid email account, and only one account per person is permitted.

Your account is a privilege, not a right.  If suspects your account is fraudulent, or is being used to harass, defame, spam, or is breaking laws, or is breaking our rules, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

Never forget that even behind a username and without providing any personal information, you are still NOT anonymous online. or your Internet Provider can and will be subpoenaed for your information should you be caught defaming someone or conducting illegal activities online.

Account Security

You are solely responsible for actions taken under your account, and you should not disclose your login information to anyone else.  If you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password immediately.  If you are unable to access your account, use the “Forgot Password” feature to have a reset link emailed to you.

Data Ownership

When you submit data (including writing, photography, video, etc.) to’s platform, you retain ownership of it.  By submitting this data to, however, you grant unlimited use of that data, including republishing, use in news coverage, etc.

When it comes to using your photos, videos, comments from social media and other contribution methods, The Longmont Leader follows the  Online News Association’s Social Newsgathering Ethics Code.

This means that we will:

  • Publish content you own only with your expressed permission. If you contribute photos, videos or comments to us on our site, on our social media channels or using a designated hashtag, we will accept your submission as consent to publish with credit. 

  • Credit the content you contribute as you wish.

  • Seek to verify the authenticity of content contributed from the community or obtained via social media before publishing or distributing it, holding it to the same standards as we would our own work. 

  • Be transparent as to how we have obtained and verified content. 

Abuse in its sole discretion may terminate any type of submission immediately and without notice if:

We have reason to believe that you have violated the spirit or the letter of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.
We have reason to believe that your account has been compromised or is fraudulent.
We have reason to believe that you have violated or have tried to violate the rights of others.

Please help us keep an enjoyable and positive experience.  If you see a listing that violates our Community Guidelines, please contact [email protected].

General Disclaimer

The views expressed by our audience in the Comments do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of, its staff or contributors. reserves the right to change these Guidelines at any time.

These guidelines have been created by members of our editorial staff, including the publisher, editor, reporters, and members of the community, incorporating feedback from our moderators and users.


The Longmont Leader encourages lively and civil discussion on a selection of stories published to We aim to provide a platform for people of Longmont to express their views and build a strong community. 

All comments will be moderated before being published, generally during business hours. Comments will be closed at the discretion of the editor. If a problematic comment slips through moderation, users can alert our moderators by flagging the comment. 

Personal attacks, profanity, off-topic, racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments will not be published. Spam, trolling behavior and libelous statements or comments that include false or unsubstantiated allegations will not be published. 

Usernames that include offensive or abusive words will be blocked. 


Replies to comments: you can reply to other users’ comments by using the ‘reply’ icon under each comment.
Upvote:  upvote or “thumbs up” a comment if you like or agree with it.
Downvote:  downvote or “thumbs down” a comment if you dislike or disagree with it.

Comment Posting

You must be logged in to your account in order to post a comment.  To access the comments page of an article, click the POST COMMENT button at the bottom of an article. Type your comment into the box and when you are satisfied with the content, click ‘submit’.

Deleting Comments

You can delete your comment at any time by clicking the ‘delete’ icon just below your comment.

Do reporters and writers read and respond to comments?

Journalists will respond to queries and/or concerns when time and situation allows.

Where’s my Comment?

If your comment has disappeared it is likely that it is under review by our moderators.