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About Us

At Longmont Leader, we strive to strengthen our community by connecting you to reliable, timely and accurate information about the issues, people and businesses that matter to Longmont. We believe that local news and information should be free and accessible to all, as it plays an integral role in a healthy community. 

Longmont Leader is part of Village Media’s growing network of online news sites that are dedicated to providing local stories written by journalists who live and work in those communities. We are proud champions of local news and work diligently to deliver the news needed to help individuals stay engaged and informed. 

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It is Longmont Leader’s policy to acknowledge errors promptly and correct them in a transparent fashion. Mistakes should be called to the attention of Editor Macie May at [email protected]

Comments Policy

Longmont Leader encourages lively and civil discussion on stories published to We aim to provide a platform for the people of Longmont to express their views and build a strong community. 

All comments will be moderated before being published, generally during business hours. Comments will be closed at the discretion of the editor. If a problematic comment slips through moderation, users can alert our moderators by flagging the comment. 

Personal attacks, profanity, off-topic, racist, sexist or other discriminatory comments will not be published. Spam, trolling behavior and libelous statements or comments that include false or unsubstantiated allegations will not be published. 

Readers must be logged into the site to post a comment. Usernames that include offensive or abusive words will be blocked. 

For more information about comments, visit our full Community Guidelines

Community and Social Media Contributions

When it comes to using your photos, videos, comments from social media and other contribution methods, Longmont Leader follows the Online News Association’s Social Newsgathering Ethics Code.

This means that we will:

  • Publish content you own only with your expressed permission. If you contribute photos, videos or comments to us on our site, on our social media channels or using a designated hashtag, we will accept your submission as consent to publish with credit. 

  • Credit the content you contribute as you wish.

  • Seek to verify the authenticity of content contributed from the community or obtained via social media before publishing or distributing it, holding it to the same standards as we would our own work. 

  • Be transparent as to how we have obtained and verified content.