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Celebrate local artistry in Boulder County with a fairground art show and sale

Held from June 9 to 11 in the site known as Barn A at the Boulder County Fairgrounds
Frozen River by Ron Kroutel

The Longmont Artists' Guild and Boulder Art Association are uniting to stage a large June Member Art Show and Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds this weekend. 

With the participation of more than 72 local artists and the exhibition of over 200 unique art pieces, the event aims for a truly impressive showcase of size and talent from the Boulder County area.

Held from June 9 to 11 in the site known as Barn A, the show invites visitors to immerse themselves in the depths of diverse artistry. All are free of charge with numerous artists who will be volunteering throughout the weekend. In addition, an awards ceremony, culminating in the announcement of awards at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday night, is part of the event's lineup.

"From traditional paintings to digital media, photography, sculpture, jewelry, fiber art, woodworking, and more,” said Jill Rumley, president of the Longmont Artists' Guild. "Our artists range from those just starting their journey to those near professional level. There's a wide range of variety in artwork and price ranges, ensuring there's something for everyone. The gift shop is also a great spot for smaller purchases, offering an array of creative items.”

Rumley illuminated further that this event offers visitors an exciting cultural experience. It's an opportunity to see an array of local creativity, from depictions of local landmarks to unique functional art made from recycled materials. With the fairgrounds also hosting a Farmers' Market and horse-related activities during the weekend, visitors can enjoy a loaded and varied social experience.

Rumley believes that events like this are crucial in promoting artwork within the community. 

"Having a large art show at a place like the Boulder County Fairgrounds, especially during the Farmers Market season, provides an excellent opportunity for people to appreciate local art, while giving artists a platform to display their art and interact with visitors," she said.

The Longmont Artists' Guild has been a pillar in the community for over 65 years with a growing membership of over 160 artists from all over Boulder County that strives to create opportunities for the local art community like this event.

"We organize a couple of member shows every year. This show is unique as we have also opened up registration to the Boulder Art Association. It's akin to a sister organization and is quite similar to us in setup and size," Rumley explained.

The organization and execution of the show, however, is a significant undertaking. Longmont Artists' Guild operates entirely through the efforts of volunteers. Among these dedicated individuals, Rumley pointed out Laura Mann, the show's director, and Yvonne Ogg, the guild's longest-serving member, who has been integral to the guild's operations since 2006. 

Ogg, who has served as the guild's treasurer since 2010, will be retiring after this year, leaving behind an influential legacy within the guild.

"We are 100% volunteer-run. Our members and board members put in tremendous effort to ensure the success of our shows. We handle everything in-house, from promotions to the organization, ensuring we are completely self-sufficient," Rumley shared.

In sum, the June Member Art Show and Sale promises to be a standout event in Boulder County's cultural calendar, bringing together a diverse range of local artists and showcasing their unique talents all under one roof.