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Ask the Introvert: Five movies to treat yourself to this Valentine's Day

For your quiet enjoyment, here are five lovely things to watch today, whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or hater.
sharon glassman ask the introvert
Sharon Glassman (Photo courtesy of Sharon Glassman)

What’s an introvert? How does introversion affect us at work and play? In our friendships? In our search for meaning and happiness?

I’ll explore these and other timely questions about introvert life in this column, as an introvert entrepreneur, artist and journalist. 

Want to ask a question? Just use the email below.

P.S.: even if you don’t think of yourself as introverted, you may find some helpful info here. Why? Because, to paraphrase Ben Franklin: we assume our differences divide us, only to find we share common ground.

Today’s introvert-astic question: What are 5 innie romances to watch on Valentine’s Day?

The subject of romance and introversion is a fascinating one. Starting with the fact that what floats our emotional, amorous and sensitive boats may be … spoiler alert: different than traditional love stories.

So, for your quiet enjoyment, here are five lovely things to watch today, whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or hater.

No. 5: Where the detective is heartbroken

Monk” stars Tony Shalhoub as a phobic detective torn between his inner sorrows and his prickly romance with criminals, co-workers and his 5 a.m. newspaper delivery crew.

Shalhoub, whose role in “Big Night” as a perfectionist chef offers another charming introvert archetype, is physically single. But his compassion for crime victims; for children; for his similarly afflicted brother (played, with follicular twinship, by John Turturro), and ultimately, himself, makes him a romantic in daily action.

With eight seasons available, Monk is an escapist pleasure whether your idea of Valentine’s fun is disappearing into it or from it.

No.  4: Where the dynamic duo’s cerebral

Psych” is Monk’s goofy cousin. This bromance detective series starts from an introverted premise: What do you do when the powers that be won’t believe how your brain works?

“Psych” stars James Roday as the boyish, unofficial detective with big innie powers. Dulé Hill from “The West Wing” co-stars as his BFF/business partner. Together, they run a gloriously unprofessional psychic detective agency fueled by snacks and keen observation. Normalcy and happiness go head-to-head in scenic Santa Barbara as dead bodies defy traditional policing.

Guess which one wins the day?

No. 3: Parlez-vous office intrigue?

If you’re a regular reader of this column (and if so, thank you!), you may have seen me refer to “Call My Agent” before.

This four-season series takes office romance to new heights of nerdy connection touched with beauty. It also explores the inner depths of folks who create art and contracts for a living.

In an age when so much relating is virtual, it’s nice to see other people do the office romance dance. And know when you turn off the tube, you’ll still be happily at home. 

No. 2: The music of quiet lives

Like Sunday, Like Rain” explores the dicey riches of talent in a living duet between two musicians: Reggie, a 12-year-old cello prodigy (Julian Shatkin) and his newly minted nanny, Eleanor (Leighton Meester), whose gift for playing trumpet has been buried by years of financial hardship and personal growing pains.

A scene shot in the depths of an empty swimming pool inside Reggie’s Manhattan home is introvert comfort and despair infused with hope and Cupid’s second cousin: Self-love.

No. 1: Inconceivable!

Can you guess what this movie is from this one word?

The Princess Bride,” starring Robin Wright and Carey Elwes is an introvert’s paradise. A story of misfits battling external forces, it’s delivered as a frame story: A movie unspooling from a book read to a sick child (Fred Savage) by his loving grandparent (Peter Falk).

Illness jumpstarts the story. But thanks to the power of love, all will be well in the end.


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The thoughts and opinions offered in this column are intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. Use of this column is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional, financial, medical, legal, or other professional advice.

Sharon Glassman

About the Author: Sharon Glassman

Sharon Glassman is a Longmont-based introvert lifestyle journalist and creator of Smile Songs gifts. Follow and connect with her on Instagram at @smile_songs.
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