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Longmont Local:  Cavegirl Coffee focuses on the basics

This local coffee shop focuses on clean eating.
Lori Abramson sips a Cavegirl beverage inside the coffee shop.

Prospect is one of the most eclectic and authentic neighborhoods in Longmont. Many of the craft businesses there strive to do things differently, so it’s not surprising that in an iguana-green building, next to the park on 100 Year Party Ct., there’s one that prides itself on serving the public an array of cleanly-made organic coffee and food – Cavegirl Coffee.

Founded in 2018, Cavegirl’s approach is typical for what’s known as a third wave coffee shop. It places a focus on offering premium, organic, and nutrient-packed drinks and snacks. While people with specialized nutritional needs may have gotten used to eating food prepared almost as an afterthought, at Cavegirl Coffee such treats are available front and center.

The shop is owned and managed by Lori Abramson, who said when she started changing the way she eats about five years ago, she found it harder to go to coffee shops. 

“I love to hang out in them, but I found it harder and harder to go to a shop with something healthy, food with purpose. When I decided to open a business, I wanted to make something for the community with food that was mindful of ingredients and as organic as possible,” Abramson said.

To that end, Abramson is passionate about the ingredients she chooses and careful of how she cooks. 

“Our customers are looking for something that’s not just going to be pulled out of a cold case and microwaved. I scrutinize every ingredient that comes through the door. We don’t own a microwave,” she said. “If you want an egg sandwich, we’re going to cook the egg for you, slice fresh avocado, and toast the bread. It’s not a plug and play,” she said.

Customers appreciate what Cavegirl has to offer. Cat Eaton, who was stopping in with a friend said “I live down the street and it’s a good place to meet others. They have really good chai.” Her friend agreed, though stated a preference for richer coffee drinks.


IMG_0329Cavegirl Coffee shop located at 100 Year Party Ct. in Prospect. By Deborah Cameron


Abramson appreciates regulars like Eaton and the chance to provide a place for the community to gather. “Part of the joy of owning a coffee shop is being with my regulars.” she said. When asked what her customers order most frequently, her first response is the flourless chocolate muffin made with almond butter, the customizable egg sandwich and the energy bites.

Abramson’s tips for clean cooking and baking

After three years of owning Cavegirl Coffee, Abramson has learned to cook in the most nutritiously-supportive way possible. She shared some tips for practices she uses in her kitchen:

  • We use avocado oil, which can cook at high temperatures, and avoid both soy and corn oils.
  • We cook with as few ingredients as possible. The fewer the ingredients the less processed the item.
  • We source our gluten free flour locally from the Outrageous Baking Company. It’s a rice flour blend with sorghum flour, tapioca starch, and other ingredients. We also use coconut and almond flours.
  • For sweeteners, we focus on using coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup. We always try to be mindful of what we prepare, our ingredients aren’t chosen casually, but with purpose and as locally as possible. Quality sourcing impacts the end result.