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Guest opinion: Joan Peck announces candidacy for Longmont Mayoral seat

Joan Peck, currently serving her second at-large term on Longmont City Council.
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Joan Peck

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Joan Peck, currently serving her second at-large term on Longmont City Council, has announced her candidacy for mayor in the upcoming November election.

As a proven advocate for Longmont's vibrant community and a strong supporter of programs popular with the city’s residents, Councilmember Peck intends to continue and complete the major issues that originally won her a seat on city council. These issues include:

  • Securing the RTD/FasTracks build-out by holding RTD accountable for tax dollars already contributed,
  • Achieving pragmatic, safe solutions for services to the unhoused,
  • Meeting affordable housing challenges,
  • Addressing climate change,
  • Supporting early childhood education, and
  • Taking decisive steps to defend Longmont's rights to clean air and water.

Longmont needs experienced, proven leadership to ensure that these issues are skillfully addressed. Peck has already established a record of collaboration and creativity. As the vice-chair of the Northern Area Transportation Alliance, or NATA, she has worked diligently with the Denver Regional Council Of Governments, or DRCOG, with Commuting Solutions and with Longmont’s two RTD Directors.

Peck led an initiative to bring together city staff with developers, the Longmont Chamber of Commerce and the Longmont Economic Development Partnership, or LEDP, to give their perspectives on an affordable housing ordinance.

Councilmember Peck led another initiative for community service leaders to inform council about services available for unhoused, marginalized and disadvantaged residents. Out of those meetings, safe lots for residents living in cars and sleeper vehicles emerged. Longmont now has two safe lots for residents waiting for housing. Also, housing vouchers are now available for residents living in vehicles. What Joan Peck works on, gets results.

In 2012, 60% of Longmont’s voters passed Proposition 300 to amend the city charter banning fracking within the city of Longmont. Peck led the petition drive to put the proposition on the ballot and launched Longmont as a leader among area municipalities banning fracking. Her commitment to clean air and water led to a contract with scientist and researcher, Dr. Detlev Helmig, to monitor Longmont’s air quality at Union Reservoir and at Vance Brand Airport, and to the council’s acceptance of a resolution for 100% renewable energy by 2030.

As mayor, Joan Peck envisions that through the STEAM Project, Longmont stands to become a hub for economic development which includes a future performing arts center, an expanded college campus, a hotel, affordable housing. The tangible deliverable of a robust RTD commuter rail will be a precursor to development along Colo. 287.

Joan Peck provides proven leadership and strong advocacy for the city. She looks forward to continuing her vision and her service to the community as Longmont’s new mayor.