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Letter to the editor: Jane Meagher, The Republican Party: Who we are

"Republicans are compassionate, caring, practical, loving, reasonable, optimistic and enthusiastic about life.  "
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Contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe, women and minorities should be flocking to the Republican Party—and they are.  Our conservative principles are in the best interest of women and minorities. 

Here is what the Republican Party stands for: 

Equality: We are all created equal and should have equal opportunity. 

Safe communities: Republicans do not believe the police should be defunded nor should criminals be allowed to go free. 

Low taxes: Enable small businesses to thrive, creating more employment opportunities. 

School choice: Parents should have the opportunity to choose the school that is right for their children. 

Free speech: Everyone is entitled to their opinions and cancel culture - ostracizing someone from social or professional circles, commonly used in debates on free speech and censorship - is absolutely wrong. 

Limited government: Large bureaucracies kill innovation and growth.

Equality, safe communities, low taxes, school choice, free speech and limited government promote individual liberty and freedom. Come to think of it, these principles aren’t simply good for women and minorities. They are good for all Americans.

I’m sure I’ll get pushback on this letter because liberals don’t want you to know the truth.

Republicans are compassionate, caring, practical, loving, reasonable, optimistic and enthusiastic about life.  

Sound intriguing? Find out more about us. 

Jane Meagher