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Letter to the editor: Jean Christopher, I support Tim Waters as Mayor

Longmont resident voices his opinion of Tim Waters as a possible mayor.
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Dear Editor:

Just about everyone is ready to step out of the darkness of the pandemic and into the light of brighter days ahead for our city in the Colorado mountains. We are fortunate this year to have a candidate for the office of mayor who is fully capable of bringing that light. He has acquired this partly through years of experience as an educator, a business owner and as a member of the Longmont City Council. I say ‘partly’ because it is not just the experiences that Tim Waters has had; it is the way in which he has had them.

Tim is a listener. When there is a concern or a problem, he literally takes time to sit down and listen to as many views on it as he can. He likes to understand all sides, even if he may not agree with them. Tim is not above digging in and helping at the ground level. For example, several years ago Tim was a commissioner on what was then the independent Longmont Housing Authority Board. 

He happened to visit one of LHA’s properties just as its elevator broke down. Many residents with walkers who lived on the second and third floors were stranded on the first floor. As you can imagine the scene was a bit chaotic. Without hesitation, Tim pitched in, along with some able-bodied residents, and helped to get those with walkers safely up the stairs.

Tim is a problem solver and facilitator. While he may not have a solution to a problem, he will readily bring in others with pertinent expertise who can identify obstacles, ways to overcome them and develop the best solution possible.

Tim has a strong work ethic that will ensure transparency on city issues. Tim can explain multifaceted, complex matters in terms more easily understood by those of us who are not experts in such matters.

Tim is about the people, the citizens of Longmont. Tim has the big picture perspective about our city; however, regardless of the issue he is always concerned about any decision’s impact on the residents.

These traits, combined with his innate sense of fairness and respect for others, make Tim Waters the person we need as the mayor of the city of Longmont.


Jean Christopher

Longmont Housing Authority Advisory Board