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LTE: Ingrid Moore: Time to put up or shut up

Colorado lawmakers are leading the nation in common-sense proposals to solve these issues.
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

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I am writing to refute the April 14 forum opinion by James Reagan objecting to state “overreach” on what he called “insane” gun control laws sponsored by “Democratic gangsters;” specifically naming House Bill 21-1106, requiring the safe storage of firearms.

This bill requires that firearms be responsibly and securely stored when they are not in use to prevent access by unsupervised juveniles and other unauthorized users. That doesn’t sound like unconstitutional state “overreach” to me.

Mr. Reagan claims his former law enforcement and firefighting EMT experiences qualify him to proclaim that what is needed is "criminal control," not gun control. Republicans all voted against HB21-1106 and two similar bills that have already made their way through the legislature, claiming that these laws won’t stop gun deaths.

Really? Consider this:  I googled “accidental child shootings” and easily found these articles just on the first screen:
•    Feb. 10, 2021: 11-yr-old boy accidentally shoots 12-yr-old friend in bedroom (Ohio)
•    April 1, 2021: 8-year-old boy dies after accidentally shooting self with gun (N.Carolina)
•    April 7, 2021: 11-yr-old shot dead by 2-yr-old brother with loaded gun found inside family home (Philadelphia)
•    April 10, 2021: 3-yr-old fatally shoots baby brother after picking up unsecured gun.
•    April 11, 2021: 9-yr-old shoots 11-yr-old with gun found in car (Texas)

Will “criminal control” stop these?  This list doesn’t even include suicides.

Colorado lawmakers are leading the nation in common-sense proposals to solve these issues. I agree with Jeffrey Smith, the other writer on the 14th, who pointed out that we have yet to hear any ideas from those opposed to reasonable efforts to reduce gun-related tragedies.

People want something done. So, I put it to you who consider gun control legislation a government overreach - it’s time to put up or shut up.  What do YOU propose?

Ingrid Moore

26-year-long Longmont resident