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Opinion: Bonnie Finley--Letter to the Editor Attached

It has truly been my honor to serve Longmont as the Councilmember from Ward 3 these last eight years.
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This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Letter to the Editor

It has truly been my honor to serve Longmont as the Councilmember from Ward 3 these last eight years.  I’ve met some wonderful people, both at City Hall and all around the City. I come away from this experience firmly convinced that our residents are our greatest asset.

Since I am term-limited, many people have asked me who I think should fill my shoes going forward. I tell them my choice is Regan Sample. Regan will bring financial expertise, lots of community service experience and a public servant’s heart to the job. Regan is not a political activist wanting to push a particular agenda. He works collaboratively and has the skill to actually get things done. The city will be in good hands when he is elected.

I also am endorsing Jeff Moore in the at-large race. I served with Jeff for four years and saw first hand his ability to pragmatically look at difficult situations and make decisions, not based on ideology, but on facts and on his assessment of what would be best for Longmont. Jeff also served on the National League of Cities Board of Directors and chaired their Information and Technology Committee.  He is a leader who has an open mind and considers all sides of any issue. We didn’t always vote the same way, but he always had a logical reason for his vote. 

Of course my pick for Mayor is Brian Bagley. I have served on council with Brian for 8 full years and know without a doubt that we are lucky to have him as our mayor. Brian spends thankless hours working on city issues and does so much good in the background that few can really appreciate the true value his intelligence, experience and good humor bring to Longmont.   He has been and will continue to be a true champion for our city. 

Now to close, I would like to say simply, Thank you, Longmont, for 8 fascinating and rewarding years! 

Bonnie Finley