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Opinion: Paul Tiger-- Pence for President

Pence for President, seems rather reasonable, if you’re a conservative at this moment in time. Pence described himself as a principled conservative and supporter of the Tea Party movement; as a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.
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By Paul Tiger

Pence for President, seems rather reasonable, if you’re a conservative at this moment in time. Pence described himself as a principled conservative and supporter of the Tea Party movement; as a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order. It’s not just what he says: Mike Pence has served in congress and as the governor of Indiana. He has a law degree and was in private practice. A follower of Ronald Reagan’s common sense conservatism in college, he also was chosen to his faith of evangelical Christianity.

Before receiving his undergraduate degree Pence had supported Democrats and a liberal agenda. By the early 1990s he was the leader of the libertarian Indiana Policy Review Foundation think tank. Pence’s work here and on his weekly radio shows demonstrates what ideals he represented before being elected. An actual track record, that continues into political life as congressman and governor.

President Trump is dangerous not just to all Americans, but more specifically to evangelical Christians who have and continue to support him. Questions daily arise concerning his moral fitness. An unrepentant sinner without empathy driving a hate based agenda. How unfortunate for Mike Pence to have to stand behind his possibly unbalanced leader, while he is the obvious option for relief.

Is it possible that Democrats want to avoid impeaching Mr. Trump while the back up option is Mike Pence? The evangelical vote most certainly helped Trump win. An attack on Trump could very well be an attack on his past and present supporters, which may include well organized evangelicals. As a politician, support from faith groups is helpful; opposition ends incumbencies. It’s a mess to be avoided.

The Catholic Church is expressing itself publicly by removing dirt. Men who have not served the public good and who have done damage were not irreplaceable. After being chosen to serve, they secretly violated their oaths. Our president is not a bishop in the church, but has equity with those who have served personal hedonistic interests over all else. Many of faith recognize the parallels without much difficultly.

George W. Bush is an evangelist Christian. His faith was in his heart and mind while in office. He lessened tax requirement and created the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives to assist faith-based service organizations. A former alcohol and cocaine abuser, he had campaigned on reforming the drug war, and effort sidelined by September 11th. He recognized the racial inequalities of the drug war. An empathetic conservative aiming to treat victims of drugs while jailing providers.

Mr. Trump has no empathetic agenda, no interest in human life or sacrifice. He displays faithlessness and much hatred towards those unlike himself. Bush was not well liked for his personal Middle East adventure and domestic security policies, but he was a decent faithful person. Members of other parties and leaders of other nations would find him cordial. Like Mike Pence, George Bush had a previous history of elected public service.

There’s a lot of value in governmental service over time. It’s a separate education in a school of compromise. Successful leaders have had excellent training in congress and their own state governments. People of moral stature win and serve in office. Others buy their way in.

Buying can be a manipulation with alternative facts broadcast nationwide, repeated often enough to be believable. Often these manipulations concern personal faith of candidates. Is Obama a Muslim? There was concern that the Pope would have sway over Kennedy when he ran for the presidency. There was little doubt that JFK and family were Roman Catholics. Where are these qualities with Mr. Trump? Real or imagined, they appear as campaign rhetoric. An alternative faith.

Mike Pence is really a conservative Christian and has a good possibility of being the next President of the United States. Those of faith with conservative ideals would do well to support him. In doing so, Democratic leadership may understand that voters who supported Trump will support Pence before whoever they have in mind. If we are forced to wait on their choice for 2020 the chaos will continue to stagnate the federal government. Impeachment would bring order. It would bring a known reliable person with the education and training to the highest office in the land.

Tell your congressional representative and senator that we’re ready for real change and real stability.