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The Longmont Leader is a month old. Here's how you can participate

Today we are officially one month old.
Macie May, Longmont Leader editor

Today we are officially one month old!

The Longmont Leader staff — Assistant Editor Julie Baxter, Reporter Monte Whaley and Director of Business Development and Community Partnerships Matthew Barnett — have been hard at work getting to know Longmont better each day through the stories you share with us via at

You haven’t officially met Monte or Matt yet, but look for their intro posts soon.

Thank you all for everything you have done to contribute to an amazing first few weeks.

Being involved is part of the Longmont culture and something I have always valued. I was recently in a meeting with the Compass Experiment staff — the support team behind The Longmont Leader — and they expressed surprise at the level of early participation in The Leader from Longmont residents.

Local participation in the news is essential, not only to hear your voices but also to help us reach the people who need to read our stories. With that in mind, I want to invite you to become more involved at The Leader by submitting columns, becoming a freelance writer or photographer, and submitting opinion pieces. We are looking for you to share local stories with your voice.

Are you into nutrition, fitness or a local chef who wants to share tips or recipes? Are you in finance with information about ways residents can be more financially smart? There are a wide variety of topics that people want to read more about from our community members. Go here to learn more about submitting a column.

Our newsroom staff is small, so we also employ freelancers to help us tell stories that might not otherwise get told. We invite local writers to pitch us stories from around the Longmont community. Please email Macie to learn more and to sign up.

In my experience as the former editor of the Longmont Observer and now The Leader, Longmonsters have clear voices and are not afraid of expressing them. We welcome you to express your voice on The Leader. Please submit your opinion pieces here. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

There are other ways to participate and support The Leader, too: Share our articles through social media or email them to friends you think would be interested. Your position in the community is just as important as ours and we want to build partnerships with all of Longmont.

Nothing we do at The Leader can be done without you. I speak on behalf of the entire Longmont Leader team when I say we are grateful for any and all of your contributions.