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Once upon a time…

Let me tell you a story about resilience.

In 2007, a bunch of people came together with a dream: to create an affordable, high-quality arts community where none existed. Back then, there wasn’t much arts programming outside of Boulder and Denver. But our founders were determined to fill that gap. They rented a basement, started holding classes in theater, art, and dance, and called us the Arts Underground. In those early years, we survived the Great Recession while serving hundreds of children and adults across Eastern Boulder County.

Soon, our community began to outgrow that basement, and so our teachers and supporters came together with another incredible dream. This time, we wanted to build a new home for ourselves. In 2016, a multi-million dollar campaign was undertaken to build a new facility in Lafayette, and the Arts Underground was reorganized into the Arts HUB. Today, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit fostering inspiration, community engagement, and love for all art forms through dynamic and diverse programming.

Our story demonstrates that with enough grit and determination, anything is possible. Through generous community support, we weathered the storm of COVID-19 and the loss of funding that came with it. And now, in a time when other arts organizations are closing their doors, we are selling out shows.

We never gave up on our students, our artists, and the community in which we live. We never will. Today, we are determined to build on our successes so we can continue to make memories with you.

Our People