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Longmont Community Foundation

The Longmont Community Foundation seeks to improve life in the St. Vrain Valley through a number of different philanthropic and charitable endeavors. Our community fund, Live and Give Longmont, allows for us to respond to the changing needs within our community. Our fund is largely supported by our generous donors, who, over the years, have supported distributing thousands of dollars to local nonprofits - large and small.

In addition, the Longmont Community Foundation also manages a charitable fund for local donors, business, and nonprofits - more than 200 of them! We provide the power and flexibility of charitable giving without the legal paperwork, time, and expenses associated with creating your own foundation. We will work with you in order to create a fund that will maximize both your tax advantages and your impact within the community.

With the hard work of our volunteers and visionary grantees, and the continued generosity of our donors, the Longmont Community Foundation has become an extremely successful foundation in the community of Longmont. Since our inception, we have been responsible for over $11 million in grants to nonprofit organizations across the Longmont region.