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Longmont Public Media was created as a nonprofit "makerspace" intended to foster the creation of media of all types and for all platforms, by and for the community of Longmont and its residents. Through educating and assisting those interested in video or audio content, LPM is proud to serve you and the community at large. The goal of LPM is to create media that captures the heart and soul of Longmont.

In addition to our traditional services including documenting city council meetings, planning and zone meetings, school board meetings, along with a number of other boards and commissions related to public interest, LPM is proud to offer our facilities to the public. We look forward to helping you to create and distribute media and reach the world through broadcasting.

People of Longmont come to LPM in order to create a number of different kinds of new and interesting "shows" that are broadcasted across cable television, social media, YouTube channels, and even for private or commercial means. Our fantastic makerspace for media creation in an easily accessible facility, located in downtown Longmont right next to our public library. With a number of facilities such as video studios, audio studios, podcasting studios, video/audio editing bays, equipment, and software, Longmont Public Media has something for everybody!

Our People