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NextLight is community-based and community-owned. Our customers are our neighbors, so help isn’t just a phone call away, it is also right down the street. At NextLight, we know where you’re coming from and are here to keep you connected.

Fast & Reliable
With gigabit fiber, we provide fast and reliable connections that no other service can match. Recognized as one of the fastest ISPs in the nation, NextLight has the bandwidth to support all of today’s needs: distance learning, telemedicine, remote work, gaming, streaming television and more. Even when the whole family is plugged in at once, NextLight keeps moving in high gear.

We Meet You Where You Are
Whatever your needs, NextLight is here to help. We offer phone service for those who need a landline, discounted internet rates for income-qualified households, and even a Sharing the NextLight program to get qualifying Longmont students online at no cost to their families. We are here to power up your workplace, as well, from a small storefront to a major manufacturer. First and always, it’s about serving YOU.


Business Hours

Monday – Friday (phone)    8am to 6pm
Monday – Friday (walk-ins)    8am to 5pm

Our People