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Boulder County commissioner primary recount begins Monday

County clerk’s office will re-adjudicate Democratic primary ballots
The Elections Division Ballot Processing Center hosted ballot processing tours last month.

With primary election results certified, Boulder County Elections will begin preparing for the automatic recount of the Democratic contest for Boulder County Commissioner.

The automatic recount was ordered by the Boulder County clerk after the final official results showed a vote difference of 68 votes out of 55,672 total ballots. Candidate Ashley Stolzmann had 27,870 votes to Elaina Shively’s 27,802 votes.

An automatic recount is triggered when the difference between votes cast in a contest is less than or equal to 0.5% of the highest number of votes cast. The difference in this case is 0.24%.

According to the county clerk, the recount is scheduled to begin on Monday. Neither party has requested a full rescan of the ballots, so the recount will consist of re-adjudicating any Democratic primary ballots.

Ballot adjudication occurs when a voter changes their mind on a contest, makes a mistake or has conflicting markings on their ballot. It is done by a bipartisan team of election judges using Secretary of State guidelines on how to interpret the voter’s intentions.

The recount must be completed by Aug. 2.

Amy Golden

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