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Final Boulder County election results now available online

Risk-limiting audit and reconciliation are complete and two of three Canvass Board members certified the results. The third board member requested procedure documents and accounting logs, according to the county Elections Division.
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The Nov. 3 election results are official in Boulder County and are now available online.

The final results include the county’s statement of votes that shows precinct-by-precinct results that will be forwarded to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office as part of the election close-out process, according to a news release from the county Elections Division.

Boulder County last week completed its portion of the statewide risk-limiting audit, which is conducted to provide evidence that results tabulated by the county voting system reflect the actual votes cast by voters, according to the release. The audit reviews how votes were captured at the time ballots were processed and compares physical ballots with digital tallies, according to the release. The Secretary of State’s Office assigns a random sampling of the ballots that must be reviewed.

Elections staff also completed the reconciliation process, which provides evidence for the Canvass Board to certify the number of votes counted is equal to or less than the number of ballots cast, and that the number of ballots cast is equal to or less than the number of eligible voters, according to the release. The reconciliation report also is available online.

The results were certified Tuesday by canvass board members Boulder County Clerk Molly Fitzpatrick and Democratic Party representative Lynne McNamara. The third member of the Canvass Board, Republican Party representative David Murray, did not sign. Murray has requested additional procedure documents and accounting logs via an open records request, according to the release.

Elections staff will produce the documents, however, the “requested items fall outside the scope of the reports and documentation needed for the Canvass Board to complete certification,” according to the release. The timeline on which the records request must be fulfilled also falls after the state certification deadline of Nov. 25, which was communicated to Murray, according to the release. 

“Mr. Murray’s decision not to sign does not impact the final certification,” according to the release and the “election results are now certified.”

The canvass documents and audit documentation also are available at