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Letter: Childcare is like weather

Everybody talks about it, but too few do anything about it
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Longmont Leader received a letter from Bob Norris about childcare:

It is hard to find somebody who hasn’t had difficulty finding childcare for their children or somebody who has a close friend who’s had the same experience. 

It is well known that children who have the experience of quality early childhood education are better prepared for school, are more likely to graduate from college or trade school, and are more likely to contribute to society rather than being involved with law enforcement.

The problems caused by the absence of available Childcare are many.  Women or men who would like to work, can’t, contributing to family poverty.  Employers have difficulty finding employees.

Many of the scholarship applications that I have read are disheartening. Too many students can’t participate in the valuable afterschool programs provided by our school district.  Many of these students are working 30 to 40 hours a week or go home right after school so mom can go to work and they can take care of their younger siblings rather than participate in afterschool programs. 

Our police officers and fire officers and nurses who work outside of 9 to 5 have even more trouble finding childcare. 

Part of the problem is that we don’t have the same level of public discussion that we do for homelessness and other important issues.

To raise awareness there will be the Mother’s Day March for Childcare on May 18 beginning at Roosevelt Park in Longmont. 

There are 25 sponsors, including the City of Longmont and the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County.  Sponsors represent many sectors of our community.

The event will include tables to share information beginning shortly after 8 AM, entertainment by some of our youth, speakers beginning at 9 AM, providing information about many aspects of childcare followed by a short march.