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Letter to the editor: Favoring experience

Primary election ballots will arrive in your mail in the next day or two.
Voting box and election image

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Primary election ballots will arrive in your mail in the next day or two. Boulder County Democrats will need to vote for one of two quality candidates for Boulder County Commissioner.
In my mind, Ashley Stolzmann is the stronger candidate. Based on her vast leadership experience at the local and regional government levels, Ashley is prepared to hit the ground running and be an effective commissioner immediately.
Since 2013, Ashley has served on the Louisville City Council and has been mayor since 2019. She was elected chair of the 58-member Denver Regional Council of Governments, and represented Louisville as a member of the Regional Transportation Committee and on the State Transportation Advisory Committee. From these experiences, Ashley understands that the only solutions for our region’s major challenges will come from collaborative partnerships with other jurisdictions.
Ashley’s leadership has been proven by the Marshall fire which destroyed 300+ homes in her city. Ashely clearly understands the need for emergency preparedness and how to lead in tough situations. She recognizes that climate action is a critical issue for Boulder County and the world.
Both candidates list transportation as one of the biggest issues facing the county.  Ashley knows the complexity of the transportation challenges facing our region because she has been immersed in these issues. She knows no single entity will solve these challenges alone.
Finally, I support Ashley because of her bold leadership on the issue of gun safety. At its meeting on June 7, the Louisville city council, under Mayor Stolzmann’s leadership, is considering six ordinances regarding gun violence prevention. Gun violence is one of our nation’s greatest tragedies. Many elected officials are afraid to address this issue, but Ashley Stolzmann boldly leads where action is needed.
She is the commissioner we need.
Gordon l. Pedrow