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Letter to the editor: Missing my friends

"Where have my friends gone?"


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My liberal father told me: “whatever you do, remember who you are.” He embodied his own advice to show respect to all people; act with integrity; and always, always guard one’s honor.

I highly respected my now-retired conservative co-workers — good friends — because we shared my dad’s deep understanding of honor and integrity. They kept their own counsel, cautious to accept whatever new philosophy was being marketed. I sensed that they were in fact patriots, and took their Christian faith seriously.

The new generation of “conservatives” have traded in their parent’s honor for a new creed boasting hatred, violence, and entitlement. Their disloyalty to our nation is painful to witness. They celebrate beating and killing policemen, murdering unarmed civilians, and anti-American propaganda of foreign dictators. They are definitely not patriots — they desecrate our sacred institutions and rig elections with new laws.

Where have my friends gone?