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LTE: Is dystopia likely with Democratic elected leaders?

"I’ve pretty much had it with folks claiming we need to vote for Republicans to fix things."

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I’ve pretty much had it with folks claiming we need to vote for Republicans to fix things. They cite the standard list of dystopian events that are supposedly worse under Democrats. The “list” is just a recitation of trigger words and rhetoric being spouted repeatedly by right-wing media, most of which is disinformation or flat out lies.

So what do Republicans offer for solutions? Constant repetition of talking points are not solutions. Ask what they plan to actually do!  And ask yourself if their answer would make your lives better.

When they do reluctantly say what they will do if they are in control, we should listen to them.  They promise they will make the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy permanent (Yes, tax cuts ARE a form of spending and they added $1.9 unpaid trillions to the deficit.).  It was Pay Back to big corporations who donate to their campaigns and businesses.

Tax cuts (for the wealthy) won’t help Inflation. According to conservative experts it will add to it!

To pay for tax cuts, they will reduce Social Security (SS) benefits – at your expense. Pay Back to Wall Street who would love to manage (profit from) your retirement funds.

Cut your Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Stop Medicare being able to negotiate drug prices. Pay Back to big Pharma?

They claim that crime is out of control in Democratic-majority cities and states. Well, a shocking statistic through 2020 shows that Republican-led states and cities have higher crime rates.  Republicans oppose any laws to prevent gun violence, seeing to it that guns are flooding into cities. Beholden to weapons manufacturers?

Fentanyl – most is mainly coming into the country in US citizens’ cars and at the ports, not immigrants seeking asylum at the border.

Republican solutions reveal that they are laser-focused only on hanging on to Power.  All this fear-mongering is a form of gaslighting you to purposefully manipulate your emotions. Angry people don’t think.

Democrats have an agenda to help the American people and have said how they will pay for it. They are working to reduce prices on gasoline, prescription drugs and insulin, offer small business incentives, student loan relief, and bring manufacturing back to America (CHIPS Act).

The Infrastructure Investment Act will soon create jobs and pump money into local economies all over the country while fixing our aging roads, bridges, airports, rail lines, mass transit, utilities, etc..

Democrats have an agenda to help the American people: protect SS and fix the trust fund permanently; expand access to medical care, lower prescription drug costs; raise wages; protect the environment and secure our energy future with green technology – already cheaper than fossil fuels; assist families with child care expenses, allowing parents to participate in the economy; reform law-enforcement to include behavioral and mental health professionals responding with police; reverse the Trump tax cuts for the wealthiest and instead give tax relief to those making under $400K per year; create more treatment programs to help those with addictions get back into society; continue to rebuild foreign relationships with allies and thwart authoritarian regimes’ goals of destabilizing ours and other democracies around the world.  

Democrats want to restart the Child Tax Credit that moved 3.7M kids out of poverty before Republicans voted against extending it.

Your vote is your vision of what kind of world you want to live in. An autocracy, with one person all-powerful, accountable to no one, and everyone else doing whatever it takes to hold onto power?  One where they control us by manipulating our fear and suspicion of “others”?  Where propaganda brainwashes you to believe you live in a zero-sum game, with the mistaken belief that what anyone else gets takes away from what you have? Where the powerful get richer and you get what “trickles down”?

Or would you rather live in a democracy, where elections ensure that we can choose our own leaders who are accountable to we the people, where we have a country in which you feel safe and your rights are respected, where the rule of law is fairly applied for everyone, where we care for each other and recognize that we have so much in common as human beings, and where our government reflects our values and works to make our lives better. 

Democrats have an agenda to help the American people. Republicans are devoid of ideas and are focused on hanging on to Power. Vote for democracy.

Ingrid Moore