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LTE: Junk vehicles ordinance vs city of Longmont website

A friend's car was towed for expired tag.

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Recently my friend's vehicle was impounded for the crime of having an expired temporary plate. Under the city's ordinance this vehicle is considered a "junk" vehicle and, therefore, eligible to be towed despite the vehicle being fully operational and my friend being present. However, on the city's website under "Junked Vehicles" there is a listed bullet point that states, "If determined to be junked, staff will issue a parking ticket for junked vehicle and tag the vehicle indicating that the vehicle will be towed ASAP." This did not occur.

I suggested to my friend that he appeal the tow and on Thursday he was given a tow hearing. The judge said the ordinance pertaining to impounding junked vehicles did not contain a provision that the vehicle's owner must first receive a ticket and a tag declaring the vehicle will be impounded as stated above.

It appears that I made the mistake of assuming that the junked vehicle guideline or policy listed on the city's website would also be codified within the municipal ordinance. I would suggest that the city either add the above statement to the municipal code or remove the statement from it's website.