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LTE: Longmont's mayor weighs in on county commissioner race

"I have worked with Ashley for over six years," Peck said.
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Ashley Stolzmann is the best candidate for Boulder County Commissioner.

I have worked with Ashley for over six years and witnessed her passion on the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), fight for the underserved population on transportation and housing.  

Ashley has been on the Louisville City Council for ten years, both as a council person and as Mayor.  She understands how Municipal governments work.  Ashley has the connections to collaborate with municipalities on a local level.  There has never been a commissioner, to my knowledge, who has the experience from a local point of view.  

The Marshall fire showed Ashley’s ability to collaborate with local governments to bring the resources needed to help Louisville’s fire victims, to get the water and utilities restored and find immediate temporary housing for the victims of the fire.  As a commissioner, Ashley will have a voice in how federal relief dollars are allocated, making sure that victims of natural and unnatural disasters get the help they need to clean up and rebuild.  Allocation of dollars should never be a political decision. The allocation should be an equity decision.

Ashley’s leadership on climate action has never wavered.  She understands the unintended consequences of ignoring the causes of compromised air quality.   As a leader in her community, she has been able to pass green building codes, advocate for strong oil and gas accountability and have a voice in equitable regional transportation fares from RTD. Low fares allow underserved populations enjoy a better quality of life while reducing the green house gas emissions (GHG) from combustible engine vehicles.

Ashley understands water rights and land use.  She is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with a chemical engineering degree.  We cannot lose the experience and knowledge that Ashley Stolzmann will bring to the job of Boulder County Commissioner.

Joan Peck
Longmont Mayor