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LTE: We need rules for our courts, not more gun laws

This is a travesty. Mayor Peck – we have plenty of gun laws. What we don’t have are sensible rules for courts.
Judge holding gavel in courtroom

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In the Times-Call on December 10th, Mayor Peck made a serious case concerning gun violence. In it she suggests that the founders could not have envisioned how we live today and so we must It’s time for “gun owners to protect their rights by compromising on sensible gun safety laws. .” And “seriously address the lack of mental healthcare.”
After sitting in court this month, I agree on the mental healthcare portion of her request. But this must be accomplished by our legislature. This past year I have been witness to an alleged delusional person who has gone from ranting/raving to throwing rocks and breaking windows, to using her car as a weapon.

Because she is not mentally competent enough to aid in her own defense and because medications usually don’t work for those who are delusional, her entire case was dismissed. Yes, dismissed.

This person even had a warrant out for her arrest while sitting in court and the judge did not request the arrest.

We, the taxpayers and we, the victims will now be subject to a round robin of arrest, multiple court dates, and dismissals.

We apparently do not care enough about those with mental health problems that are committing violence to keep them off the streets and away from their potential victims. We apparently do not care enough about victims to protect them fully from those with mental illnesses.

This is a travesty. Mayor Peck – we have plenty of gun laws. What we don’t have are sensible rules for courts. This person with an unofficially diagnosed mental illness is now free to purchase firearms because of our justice system and our statutes. You see since she won’t try medications and since she is not sane enough to help with her own defense, her case is dismissed and now sealed. She hasn't been convicted of anything and this will not show on background.

Mayor Peck, this is the problem. Not guns themselves. Just like the Club Q shooter, we have here in Boulder County at least one incidence where the mental health crisis has been disappeared down a rabbit hole. I pray it doesn’t reappear with greater violence the next time.

Terri Goon