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300 Suns shines even brighter with Moody Maker desserts

300 Suns’ decided to source Schisler’s delectable creations through wholesale channels
Haley Schisler owner of Moody Maker Cakes & Bakes


At 300 Suns Brewing, Haley Schisler, the culinary killer behind Moody Maker Cakes & Bakes, isn’t just baking up a storm, she’s whipping up dessert tornadoes that leave mouths spinning with delight. 

Known for putting her own sassy spin on baking classics, Schisler’s treats aren’t just desserts, they’re tiny slices of prepackaged sugary paradise at a restaurant where every day is a beautiful day. 

“I bartend at 300 Suns also, and I’ve worked there for like three years,” Schisler said. “[Bartending at] 300 Suns is more my side gig, and this baking thing is becoming more my main thing.”

The day for Schisler starts well before the sun decides to peek over the horizon. With a determination as strong as her love for baking, she rises before the first light, fueled by an unwavering passion for creating sweet surprises. 

As the rooster announces the dawn, Schisler is already in a bustling community kitchen, Boulder Kitchen Share, surrounded by the sweet aromas of her craft. For six intense hours, she dances around the kitchen like a maestro, expertly measuring ingredients, mixing batters and meticulously crafting each treat with precision and care.

With dedication akin to an artist perfecting a masterpiece, or a chef perfecting a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, she not only bakes but meticulously packages her goodies, ensuring that every bite has everything nice — sugar and a little bit of spice, culminating in delectable creations ready to dazzle taste buds.

“I never show up empty-handed … I’m always baking for friends and family — whenever there’s parties or eventful celebrations, I always do that,” Schisler said. “300 lets me put my branding on stuff, on the packages there … That helps to network and advertise for myself while also helping 300.”

Partnering her brand, Moody Maker Cakes & Bakes, with chef and Nashville hot chicken champ, Nate Say, at 300 Suns has set her apart in a world where desserts often come straight from the restaurant’s kitchen. 

300 Suns’ decision to source Schisler’s delectable creations through wholesale channels not only showcases her talent but also serves as a unique strategy for satisfying patrons with precisely what they crave. This unconventional collaboration paves the way for Schisler to expand her small business while ensuring that customers get to indulge in desserts that perfectly complement Say’s culinary expertise. 

“We’re both very easygoing,” Schisler said. “If the idea sounds good, then we just take it and we roll with it … You’ve got to find a delicate balance between the basics and something new.”  

Their collaboration yields weekly dessert delights, with Schisler concocting inventive treats like the eggnog tiramisu, a holiday twist on the classic dessert. At 300 Suns, where desserts change weekly, each creation is a single serving of pure indulgence. 

Schisler has found her stride in the vibrant space of 300 Suns and her connection goes beyond the kitchen and brewery with supportive owners. 

“Dan and Jean are great people,” Schisler said. “They’re very supportive, especially for people starting their businesses or having other career paths. They just want us all to succeed.”

As her reputation as the Moody Maker grows, Schisler finds herself increasingly recognized by customers. Despite her rising recognition, Schisler maintains her down-to-earth charm, embracing the dual roles of crafting delectable desserts and tending bar with equal enthusiasm.

“It’s gotten to the point where if I’m there, people know who I am more now,” Schisler chuckled. “It’s cool when people recognize me as the one behind the desserts … It’s nice when people acknowledge the desserts. It’s a cool feeling.”

She wears her passion for baking like a badge of honor, or flour on an apron, and outside of 300 Suns pops up like a delicious jane-in-the-box at local events throughout the year. While she dreams of having her own storefront someday, Schisler is in no hurry and is perfectly happy where she is. 

Navigating the competitive culinary landscape doesn’t deter Schisler either, who emphasized finding a unique niche in the industry. Her desire to stand out fuels her creativity, evidenced by her indulgent creations like cheesecake dipped in chocolate.

“It’s just one of those facts of the matter where there’s gonna be competition no matter where you go … People love anything that’s just outrageous,” Schisler enthused.

Schisler is optimistic about the potential growth and collaboration opportunities within Longmont’s culinary community. Her roots are firmly planted in Longmont, where she’s found a place to establish her business and a community that supports and inspires her culinary journey.

“This place is awesome … I don’t have any intention of leaving anytime soon,” Schisler said. “I’m finally starting to feel like I am where I need to be with growth here locally.”