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An evening of philosophical journey in a time out of time

Hosted by Longmont Public Media, the event’s objectives are to foster a sense of connection and engagement between authors and their audience

Untimely Books, a cooperative/indie print, is putting together a literary, philosophical and cosmic exploration live event “Time Out Of Time: An Evening of Poetry, Memoir, and Sci-Fi” that will be live-streaming on May 9 at 7:00 pm. 

Hosted by Longmont Public Media, the event’s objectives are to foster a sense of connection and engagement between authors and their audience with a diverse range of literary works featured, from science fiction to memoir and poetry. 

Untimely Books and its authors are committed to expanding the boundaries of contemporary thought and creating a space for artistic expression that transcends the ordinary. Visiting from Quebec, Canada, en route to the Nebula Awards, Geoffreyjen Edwards will read from their Ido Chronicles series set thousands of years in humanity’s future.

Joining Edwards are Colorado-based authors Heather Fester and Marco V Morelli, who will share new works from their forthcoming releases. Fester, a graduate of Naropa University, will read from her upcoming memoir “Discarded Maps” which offers a poignant glimpse into her life experiences. Morelli, a poet and the founder of Untimely Books, will read from his collection of poetry “I AM THE SINGULARITY” exploring themes of identity, existence, and the human condition with a poem about artificial intelligence.

Morelli is also the founder of Cosmos Co-op, Metapsychosis journal and has always been a lover of literature, philosophy, and the arts. Born in New York in 1975 to immigrant parents from El Salvador and Italy, Morelli grew up in New Hyde Park, on Long Island. After obtaining a philosophy degree, he started traveling and eventually found his calling in the world of publishing.

In 2003, he moved to Colorado and joined the Integral Institute, a local nonprofit organization run by philosopher Ken Wilber. There, Morelli got involved with the Integral Books print, co-authoring a book with Wilber.

After leaving the Integral Institute, Morelli settled in Longmont, Colorado. In 2015, during a time of existential crisis, he founded the online journal.. This marked the beginning of his current literary journey, which includes Cosmos Co-op, a creative community and member-owned publishing platform.

Morelli is an advocate for co-ops as an alternative to traditional business models, promoting democracy, wealth distribution and active participation from members. His ultimate goal is to change the way art is made and consumed, allowing artists the breathing room to create work that isn't solely driven by commercial concerns but comes from a deeper, more authentic place.

"I want to build a strong co-op, and I want to be part of that bigger movement of changing the way that business is done, and changing the way that art is made,” Morelli said. "Where artists have more breathing room to do the work that comes from a different place.”


Morelli's passion for literature and collaboration has culminated in this upcoming live event with Longmont Public Media. The event promises an evening of literary, philosophical, and cosmic explorations, highlighting the power of community and creative expression.