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Chiropractor puts focus on community

Two weeks ago Thompson Family Chiropractic opened their doors.

As a child, Dr. Tad Thompson always knew he wanted to be a chiropractor, he just wasn’t sure how to make his dream come true. 

Tad Thompson met his wife, Lydia Thompson, at Bethany College and have been together since. The couple transferred to Cleveland University where inspiration for their future struck. 

Tad Thompson witnessed one of his mentors working with his wife in their office. Inspired by the idea of combining Tad Thompson’s passion for working within the community and a desire to work together, the couple decided to open a family chiropractic office together.

“We never thought of that idea before, and when we saw that, everything just kind of fell into place,”  TadThompson said. 

A year later the couple sought out to find a location along Colorado’s Front Range. After moving to Colorado in November, they went to Loveland, Fort Collins, and Boulder for three or four days, but none of these cities felt right to them. 

Then they came to Longmont, and before they left they knew that Longmont would be home to their business. 

“We’ve been here for six months and never looked back. Every single day we wake up and we feel lucky and happy,” Tad Thompson said. 

On May 26,  the Thompsons hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony, at their office at 700 Ken Pratt Blvd, Suite 108. Around 25 to 35 people attended the event, allowing the Thompsons the opportunity to connect and network with the Longmont community. 

“It just made everything feel super real. It was awesome to get so many people in here who were so positive and supportive, “ Lydia Thompson said. 

Tad Thompson is one of two chiropractors in the Longmont area who specialize in the torque release technique. He has an Advanced Certified Proficiency credential for this technique which allows him to adjust a person’s entire spine while they lay face down. He finds this technique to be beneficial for children and those who are scared of the cracking and popping. 

The clinic comes with state of the art technology. Including a scanning system which allows Dr. Thompson to scan a patient’s back and nervous system to discover problem areas. They also have an on site X-ray suite. 

Beyond specializing in the torque method, he also specializes in the Webster technique for pregnant women. Mrs. Thompson is currently pregnant with their first child and provides a first-hand account of the benefits of Dr. Thompson’s work. 

“I’ve had a great pregnancy so far and I am sure it has to do with me being adjusted regularly to, so I have been really blessed,” Mrs. Thompson said. 

Tad Thompson said beyond their business it is important that the couple be community supporters.

“We want to be the community chiropractor. You don’t have to be our patient, but we still would want to help you through our charities and our outreach programs,” Dr. Thompson said. 

Upon arriving to Longmont, the Thompsons joined the Longmont Chamber of Commerce where they became volunteer ambassadors. They have also reached out to Longmont schools inquiring what supplies they need for their students, and offering to supply those supplies. 

Tad Thompson hopes to provide wellness care to the Longmont community and acknowledges everyone’s path to wellness is individualized, not general. 

“We don’t look at it as, you're in pain, come get out of pain in one visit. We know that people move every day, go to their job every single day. We focus on wellness whether that’s one time a month, or however that looks for you. We are here to help them move better,” Tad Thompson said.