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Japanese street food travels 5,800 miles to Longmont

Baa Hachi joins seven other food concepts inside the Parkway Food Hall
Baa Hachi will serve Tonkatsu ramen, a warm soup served with Chashu pork belly, soy egg, scallion and chili oil.

Japanese food, in the form of ramen and pork belly bao buns, will arrive in Longmont later this month. Parkway Food Hall, located on Ken Pratt Blvd. is set to open Memorial Day weekend, debuting eight food concepts under one roof. 

“It’s almost like having eight new restaurants all at once … but not having to go to a million different places,” Lisa Balcom said. 

Lisa, along with her husband Patrick Balcom, are the culinary creatives behind two concepts at the food hall - Baa Hachi and Pie Dog.

Pie Dog originated as a ghost kitchen inside their brick-and-mortar restaurant, Farrow, located in Niwot, but Baa Hachi, a casual Japanese street food spot, is a new concept. Japanese food is scarce in Longmont, making it an untested market, according to Balcom.

Baa Hachi’s menu features Japanese classics such as glass noodles, Tonkotsu ramen, cabbage pancakes and more. 

“We’re bringing our culinary ability and knowledge to creating really high-quality food … just more approachable, casual style food,” Balcom said.

Leading the concept is Chef Adam Chan, who grew up in Hong Kong and knows Asian food well, Balcom said. His mother ran a street food-style establishment for many years and passed that knowledge down to Chan.

“He’s worked in some Michelin-star restaurants and is looking to bring really great food without the pretension and the fussiness,”  Balcom said. 

The long-awaited food hall will also provide Longmont residents with traditional barbecue, Indian cuisine, burgers and Mediterranean food. 

“It was just a big empty shell, and now it’s really taking shape. I think Longmont is ready for something a little different like this,” Balcom said.


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