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Longmont Business Profile: Axus

What makes Axus different and remarkable is that the owner, Robert, and the other principals, his brother Brian, Tyler Lisenbe, and Anthony Mendoza, are all still in high school here in Longmont.
Axus Team Tyler Lisenbe (account manager) Robert Gutierrez (CEO) Bryan Gutierrez (sales & marketing director) Anthony Mendoza (Account Executive) (Photo courtesy of Axus}

This content was originally published by the Longmont Observer and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Axus Marketing was founded by Longmont’s Robert Gutierrez in 2015 and the company’s message, according to its sleek and illuminating website, is that the Future of Marketing is Here, using digital marketing and space advertising. 

The goals of any marketing organization or campaign are both to drive more customers to the client’s business and to give the client’s brand greater reach. 

Axus supports these goals by offering a variety of services ranging from basic website creation and optimization, through social media packages that include an assigned account specialist, to digital marketing services that will create ad campaigns and include research and analysis and customized reporting.

What makes Axus different and remarkable is that the owner, Robert, and the other principals, his brother Brian, Tyler Lisenbe, and Anthony Mendoza, are all still in high school here in Longmont.

According to Robert, they “run a pretty tight schedule.” He checks emails and schedules at 4:30 a.m., attends school from 7:30 a.m. to 12:35 p.m., then works at the office until 9 or 10 at night. The others get picked up from school at 2:35 p.m. and join Robert in the office until late in the evening.

Not only does Robert obviously value time in his daily routine, but he has always recognized the value of time in everyone’s whole life. He firmly believes that one should take advantage of opportunities as and when they present themselves, rather than seeking out opportunities when you or others feel it is the “right” time.

Robert has always carried his “idea notebook” with him, and writes down problems and the ideas that may solve them, which resulted in the germination of Axus. 

And his next “big thing” from his notebook he believes is space mining – combining advances in space travel with the resources that are likely beyond the earth’s immediate boundaries. Perhaps this stems from his childhood ambition to be an astronaut.

While Robert tried and then dropped out of the Longmont High School's Business program to start Axus, Tyler changed from wanting a career in the culinary arts when he saw the opportunities in the marketing field. And Brian also became intrigued in the project, perhaps also because his brother urged him to come on board. 

And what do the Axus founders think about going to college? Although he admits that he may just do that at some point, Robert firmly believes that by getting out and testing the business world one step at a time, he is getting a better experience.

Of course, there are some situations where being a high school student without formal business management training can be difficult, but it is usually just Robert's age that is the issue. He is unable to sign a lease until he turns eighteen, but can still review and research the terms of a lease, just as he can research the LLC’s tax status and legal standing. And if the situation is not working after a week or a month, then the Axus personnel will just turn around and try again. Axus is working through things now, rather than waiting until one of the principals has a college degree in hand.

One way that Axus circumvents the age issue is by offering prospective clients some free time and services before entering into a partnership. They have enough confidence in their skills and commitment to know that their youth will not end up being an issue. In fact, sometimes it is an advantage, as potential clients recognize the Axus team as being not just well versed in current technology and software, but also immersed in the future world of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain Technology, Programmatic, and Virtual Reality. The Future of Marketing is definitely on the Axus timeline of today.

How is Axus holding its own in the crowded world of social media and digital marketing in 2019? Well, so far, Axus has 17 non-supported clients and 7 corporate clients. Their current thrust is towards small and medium-sized businesses – helping them grow and expand will not only create a strong reference base, but also provide a platform for the future marketing technology that Axus is developing. And, of course, becoming a known presence in the growing Longmont tech market is vital.

Axus has struggled with the usual problems of being a startup with little seed money in a crowded business environment. They are working to overcome the obstacle of being seen as “those teenagers” but tenacity, hard work, supportive families and crucial skills are underpinning their success.

And where does Axus go from here? Remember the name Norvix Space. This is the next chapter in the Robert Gutierrez plan.

Will mining in space become the next equivalent of the current oil and gas industry? Robert thinks so and he has the time, the drive and the dedication to see it through.