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Longmont issues all 40 e-bike rebates in pilot program

City encouraged by enthusiasm as popularity spreads
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Longmont’s e-bike rebate program has sold out, demonstrating the growing popularity of the product.

The city has issued all 40 of the standard $500 rebates available this year, according to Longmont Power and Communications spokesperson Scott Rochat. Longmont also has issued three income-qualified rebates, equal to $1,000.

Tom Wilson, owner of Small Planet eBikes in Longmont, said several people used the rebate at his business. He’s also seen interest in e-bikes growing in general recently.

“We’ve been doing this for a really long time, and when I first started you couldn’t give them away,” Wilson said. “The last few years or so, it’s kind of gone mainstream.”

Rochat explained that Longmont’s rebates were a demonstration program, so the city will be studying the data before deciding next steps, adding that the enthusiasm is certainly encouraging.

“As a brand new program, we wanted to test the waters and see how much interest there was in Longmont, so we didn’t have a preconceived expectation going in,” Rochat said of the response. “We’re pleased with the support that it received, and we’ll take that into account in our planning.”

Income-qualified rebates for e-bikes are still available for a limited time. Residents who qualify for the Longmont City Assistance and Rebate System are eligible for the extended $1,000 rebate.

Learn more and apply for the program if eligible on Longmont’s website.