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Longmont’s local gems: A personalized shopping guide

Find that last minute gift locally

Navigating the charming streets of Longmont might not be as straightforward as shuffling through a department store, but amidst the activity lies an array of unique local shops each offering a distinct slice of character waiting to be discovered. 

Picture this article as an adventure where we aim to whittle down the wooden toy of local gems from the plethora of options, streamlining your path to uncover the diverse essence of local craftsmanship, culture and community spirit that make these small businesses the heart and soul of our town.

Geek Central

Here, in the faraway land of Longmont, lie havens tailoring to every geeky whim, but don’t be fooled by these separate orc tribes because these stores boast a delightful blend of all things geeky.

Atomic Goblin is where dice roll and imaginations run wild; a magical realm for board game enthusiasts and Dungeons & Dragons devotees. NewCastle Comics is where vibrant pages, superheroes and gripping storylines reside. Uncover tales of caped crusaders, fantastical worlds and graphic novel wonders.

For collectors and toy enthusiasts, St Nix Collectibles, Toys & Antiques is a vintage relic that meets modern nostalgia, housing a collection of coveted toys and rare objects to add to their collection.

The Thrifty Oddball

Places like Bricks Retail, Belle Isa Boutique, Adorn Home & Gift Gallery, Omnia Vintage Thrift & Collectables and The Hidden Treasures 2 are where the unconventional thrives and the wonderfully strange find their home. These original emporiums beckon the seeker of the peculiar and handmade creations. These nooks and crannies of Longmont are more than mere shops; they’re made to be perused, just waiting to be discovered by those seeking something not mass produced.

An eclectic array of shops that redefine the ordinary, offering an assortment of clothing, accessories and stuff that transcends the conventional. Each store boasts its own unique Longmont flair, ensuring a local stroll through the sphere of super cool.

Booze Enthusiasts 

Copper Sky Distillery, Dry Land Distillery and Abbott & Wallace Distilling aren’t just about drinks; they’re about experiences crafted with passion, skill and a dash of local flair bottled and beautiful. These locales cater to the father-in-law who’s hard to please or anyone who appreciates the perfect pairing of spirits with meals. From smooth whiskeys to vibrant gins and unique concoctions, every sip tells a tale of dedication and expertise.

For the connoisseur who craves quality and the individual who seeks the perfect complement to their gourmet meals, these local establishments promise a journey through a world of flavors, meticulous craftsmanship and the pure joy of savoring meticulously created adult beverages.


Step into the world of tangible music at Longmont’s hubs for music collectors where vinyl spins sounds of nostalgia and CDs resonate with the beats of eras past. These places cater to those with ears the size of Dumbo’s, seeking the richness of sound in every groove and track. 

At Absolute Vinyl Records & Stereo and The Vinyl Café, each store echoes with the warmth of analog sound and boasts an extensive collection of records to satisfy even the most discerning music enthusiast. Recycled Records LP is not just a store for vinyl aficionados, but also a treasure trove for the ‘90s kid who loves CDs.


Whether it’s the allure of freshly inked pages or the nostalgia of pre-loved tales, both Barbed Wire and Used Book Emporium beckon book enthusiasts to lose themselves in the timeless embrace of stories, promising a literary escape where every page turned unveils a new escape.

These cherished nooks cater to the bibliophile seeking diverse narratives and the scent of well-worn pages. These bookstores exude charm and character, offering a variety of used books. But Barbed Wire stands tall with a display of new releases, inviting readers to dive into the latest adventures penned by contemporary wordsmiths. Meanwhile, Used Book Emporium boasts a more expansive collection from the past, offering a broader selection of used books to cater to every taste and interest.

Outdoor enthusiasts

LOCO Skateshop, Longmont Bicycle Company and Angles Sports Ski, Board and Fly Fishing Shop transcend mere storefronts and become energetic hubs — a veritable meeting ground for those whose lives revolve around nature’s call and the thrill of adventure. 

These establishments aren’t just about selling gear; they’re sanctuaries for the intrepid souls who seek to elevate life into a higher gear, embracing the great outdoors with zeal and passion. From mountain trails to rippling waters, these shops cater to individuals yearning for the perfect gear and equipment to complement their relentless pursuit of outdoor bliss. 

Whether it’s scaling peaks, cruising on bikes or gliding on skateboards, these spaces are more than just outfitters — they’re the beating heart of a community bonded by their love for exploration and the boundless allure of nature’s playground.