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Longmont’s SentrySciences, Inc. relocates

It is not moving far.
SentrySciences will relocate from Prospect to Sunset Street in August

SentrySciences, Inc. is moving its office in August.

Although the move will not be far, from Prospect to 1551 South Sunset St. Ste. B, it will be a big improvement for the full-service system integrator and instrument distributor company.

SentrySciences aids manufacturers by detecting, identifying and controlling contamination in their processes and environments.

The tech company is able to detect airborne totals, viable particulate, foreign object debris, large particles on surfaces and rapid microbial methods, according to its website

“We provide solutions for manufacturers faced with tough micro-contamination problems,” the website states.

The company is moving from a 6,000 sq foot facility with three separate units to a single-unit, 5,800 sq foot facility on Sunset Street. 

The move will allow for the company to “consolidate to a more functional space, that provides easier access to our suppliers, customers, and employees, and allow us to better integrate workflows and improve our overall efficiency and increase opportunities for collaboration,” said COO Erik Haugen.

“As part of the evolution of SentrySciences, having a space that is specifically designed and tailored to our needs will certainly improve our productivity and performance, but will also drive us to be the company that we are convinced we can be. It establishes a tone for today and provides the necessary resources for growth going forward,” Glenn Brandon, CEO added.