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The doctor is in the kitchen

Glenn Lopate makes meals designed to fit diets for those with medical needs.
Glenn Lopate, owner and chef of The Doctors Cuisine

Dr. Glenn Lopate, a retired neurologist, recently moved to Longmont, bringing with him a new way to approach healthy eating.

Lopate was a neurologist for 30 years in St. Louis. It was a job he loved but the stress of the pandemic had him seeking out other passions.

Throughout his life, Lopate loved to cook. He shared this passion by preparing big dinners with his friends and family.

Lopate retired early, at the age of 60, and began studying the culinary arts. 

During his studies, Lopate discovered a program at Tulane University in culinary medicine.

“They would teach medical professionals … how to address dietary concerns of the patient population,” Lopate said.

While attending school to be a doctor, Lopate said there is some nutrition education, but not a lot. Identifying the role nutrition plays in medical conditions, Lopate thought he would combine his medical experience with his love for cooking to create a business.

Lopate launched a personal chef business in Longmont. He tailors menus to clients with medically necessary diets such as gluten-free, low-sodium diets or those for diabetic patients.

Lopate meets with clients to understand their needs and builds a menu based on their likes and restrictions. He sets up a time to come into the person’s home to cook three to four meals a week that meets their dietary requirements. 

While in the person’s home, Lopate also offers to help the client identify what foods in the house do not support that diet and offers some suggestions for replacing them.

“I believe that meals should be healthy, enjoyable, sustainable and easy to prepare,” Lopate said. 

Lopate takes inspiration from some of his clients' favorite meals and turns them into healthier versions. This way people aren’t giving up on everything they love, he said. 

Lopate can be reached through his website The Doctors Cuisine.