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Two years in, Maker General becoming hub for creatives of all interests

Maker General will be reopening its doors to the public on Wednesday.

There are many treasures on Main Street in Longmont. Maker General, a one-of-a-kind craft store that has something for every hobbyist and aspiring creative, is among them.

As one enters the shop, warmth floods the senses from the precisely placed merchandise and twinkling strings of lights. From salves made from organic ingredients to embroidery kits, the store aims to offer something for everyone.

The woman-owned shop was founded two years ago by Julie Benoit and Stephanie Sterling, formerly of Baltimore, Maryland. They both relocated to Colorado with their husbands, who found jobs in the area.

Years of working creatively, teaching and toying with the idea of opening a creative space eventually led the entrepreneurs to start the brick-and-mortar shop at 381 Main St. In addition to teaching workshops, the “general store” for makers sells hand-picked goods and supplies.

Although some business owners prefer to avoid politics, both women openly advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ rights. A tapestry that reads #BLM and the book “Queer Heroes” are but a few progressive items intentionally placed throughout the shop.

Maker General will be reopening its doors to the public on Wednesday, and will be abiding by social distance regulations and will require face coverings to keep patrons safe.

“Maker General isn’t just a shop. It’s a place to visit where you feel supported. Once you walk through those doors you feel seen and tended to,” said regular customer Pearl Spinharney. “Your ideas are supported, the projects you want to start are encouraged and you can leave with everything you need to create an original piece of art. I’m so incredibly grateful for this business in Longmont, and am honored it's a part of our community.”