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Andy Eppler writes further than a song in his book “A Songwriter’s Grimoire”

Eppler tackles the age-old question of art’s purpose, emphasizing the importance of intention.

Prolific multidisciplinary artist Andy Eppler is back again with another creative thing, a book called “A Songwriter’s Grimoire: Practical Notes for a Mystical Practice,” and it’s not just for songwriters but for those who’ve ever felt daunted by the mystique of the artistic process. 

Eppler wanted to write a book that transcends the boundaries of traditional songwriting guides, offering a universal perspective on creativity that empowers individuals to follow their creative hearts. With his signature humor and personal insights, Eppler aims to dismantle the myths that often cloak the creative process and provide clarity and inspiration to those seeking to unleash their artistic potential.

“I’ve been working on this book for the last year or so. It’s a relatively short book because I’m writing it for creative people. We have short attention spans. This is a 30,000-word kind of experience,” Eppler said.

Eppler’s motivation to write this book emerged from his extensive musical career, spanning two decades, during which he honed his craft with a trusty guitar in hand. In celebration of this milestone, Eppler felt compelled to share the lyrical treasures he had penned over the years. “A Songwriter’s Grimoire” thus became the perfect avenue for him to showcase his lyrics without veering too much into pretentious territory.

“I wrote this book because it’s the kind of book that I wish somebody would have handed me when I was starting out on my own artistic journey. I think it really would have made me feel more free and more purposeful,” Eppler said.

One of the book’s biggest concepts is the idea of “having safe sex with the Muse.” Eppler employs humor to address the delicate relationship between artists and their sources of inspiration. By shedding light on this dynamic, he encourages artists to embrace the Muse’s wonder without falling into the trap of mythologizing it.

The relationship with the Muse need not be toxic; instead, it can be a source of nourishment when approached with balance and care. “A Songwriter’s Grimoire” takes a trip into the realm of creativity and the pursuit of a life filled with self-expression, and doesn’t shy away from addressing the quirks and challenges of the creative process without succumbing to the pitfalls of conceit and arrogance. 

“A Songwriter’s Grimoire” also delves into the viewpoint of what Eppler calls the “seven categories of art.” This framework intends to help artists explore the various dimensions of their craft, allowing them to refine their skills and discover new avenues for self-expression.

Eppler tackles the age-old question of art’s purpose, emphasizing the importance of intention. Through his perspective, readers can come to understand that art and craft are not mutually exclusive but rather intertwined facets of the creative journey. Defining their purpose becomes a crucial step for artists seeking to make meaningful contributions.

“Because the book uses the lens of songwriting to discuss larger concepts about the creative process, it’s not just a book for songwriters. The creative process is largely the same, no matter what you’re trying to get through, whether it’s a work project, a painting or a quilt. The basic process doesn’t really change,” Eppler said.

Eppler’s connection with Longmont spans nearly 15 years, making it a significant part of his creative journey. In “A Songwriter’s Grimoire,” he fondly reflects on his time in Longmont, describing it as a wellspring of inspiration. His love for the city is palpable in his songs, some of which are featured in the book itself.

Eppler is hosting a release party open mic event for the book on October 12 at the Dickens Opera House. The event is a fitting culmination of the themes and insights explored in “A Songwriter’s Grimoire” where creativity is not just discussed but actively encouraged and celebrated.