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Bar crawl, professional wrestlers, and beer oh my!

Summit Tacos hosted their annual Savage bar crawl.
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.45.28 PM
Some of the patrons at Savage Sunday's bar crawl dressed in their best professional wrestling costumes. Photo was taken from their Facebook page.

Decked out in glitter and a pink cape, “Feminist” walked into the Summit Tacos. She was ready for the fifth annual Savage Sunday Bar Crawl. 

The final weekend in May marks Summit Tacos’ annual Randy Savage Bar crawl, nicknamed Savage Sunday. 

April Bliss, employee at Summit Tacos, describes this event as a fun crawl for the Longmont community, but this year they decided to add a twist. 

“We’ve garnered like 50 people going on the bar crawl. This year we decided to end it with a pro wrestling match at the end at Summit Tacos,” Bliss said. 

Summit Tacos streamlined the bar crawl event after a group of friends began doing the crawl five years ago. This year it had about 25 patrons buy tickets for the brawl, and 70 people buy tickets for the pro wrestling in the backyard. 

This year Summit Tacos invited Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling, which is based out of Englewood, to perform for the patrons. 

Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling has about 30 professional wrestlers, and 20 were sent to Summit Tacos backyard for a professional wrestling match. The event was so successful Bliss is considering inviting them back for more events. 

“For me, it was all about the pro wrestling in the backyard of Summit Tacos because I don’t think anyone expected what it was because it was totally a giant pro wrestling ring the backyard,” Bliss said. 

 The crawl is one of the most popular events at Summit Tacos, and according to Bliss, only gets better every year. 

“We’ve started making Facebook groups for the bar crawl and we’ve made a bunch of friends because of people coming and everyone dresses up wearing their most savage wrestling gear, which is pretty great,” Bliss said.