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How Deion Sanders is impacting CU football

Sanders emphasizes academics for his players.

Deion Sanders, popularly known as "Coach Prime," is the new head football coach at the University of Colorado and a new resident of Longmont.   He has already made a significant impact as a role model for the young athletes in the CU football program.

Sanders' coaching philosophy is unique because it emphasizes not only the physical aspects of the game but also the spiritual and emotional development of his players. Sanders is known for inspiring and motivating his players through his spiritual beliefs, which he integrates into his coaching style. He encourages his players to have faith in God and themselves, and to always give their best in all aspects of their lives.

Moreover, Coach Prime's emphasis on education sets him apart from other coaches. He believes that education is just as important as the game itself and has made it a priority for his players. He insists that his players excel academically and encourages them to pursue their studies seriously. Sanders often says that football is temporary, but education lasts a lifetime.

Sanders has also been making headlines for his decision to live in Longmont, Colorado, a move that has piqued the interest of many. His decision to live in Longmont stems from the opportunities the city offers for his family. Longmont is known for its strong sense of community, great schools and excellent healthcare facilities. Sanders has praised the city for its friendly residents and the excellent quality of life it provides.

Furthermore, Sanders' emotional connection with his players is evident in the way he interacts with them. He is not only a coach but also a mentor and a father figure to many of his players. Sanders is known for his open-door policy, and his players know they can always approach him with any issue they have. He encourages them to be open and honest with him, and he always makes time to listen.

Coach Prime has made it clear his goal is to win football games.  He knows that to do that he needs to be able to attract the best of the best and show them that life at CU will be the  foundation for their future and that they need to take all aspects very seriously.  They work hard, play hard, study hard and work hard  to show the world that honesty and hard work pay off.  Blue chip prospects from all over the world are clamoring to be a part of Buffalo football program.  

The second ranked high school quarterback in California is Isaiah Arriaza, who expects to graduate in 2026.  After touring CU he said “The reason I would love to play for CU is because of Coach Prime.  He is not only a great coach and one of the greatest football players of all time, he is also a man I would like to be like when I grow up.” 

Last year the Spring Game at CU drew 1000 fans.  This year it’s sold out at 45,000 and is garnering national attention for CU, Boulder and Longmont.

Tom Chenault contributes articles on Colorado football for the Longmont Leader and also the Genesis Communication Network. He is a resident of Longmont and cofounder of