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Local high school teams shine at state

Another high school sports season comes to a close
Seniors Logan Hale and Hollyn Drennen and Juniors Hadley Ashton and Taylor Hale

As another high school sports season comes to a close, schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District competed in multiple sports at the state championship level. From navigating injuries and mental blocks to school work and friendships, there is much to celebrate for these student athletes. Here are just some of the notable accomplishments: 

Boy’s Swimming 4A Silver Creek High School-1st

  • 200 Yard Medley Relay Team Relay 1st- Stephen Codevilla, Chayakorn Ngampatipatpong, James Story, Justin Leyba
  • James Story 200 Yard Freestyle-1st
  • James Story 100 Yard Freestyle-1st 
  • Stephen Codevilla 100 Yard Backstroke- 1st 
  • Ethan Newby 50 Free-2nd
  • Matthew Schliesman 50 Free-3rd
  • Chayakorn Ngampatipatpong 100 Yard Breast-3rd
  • Stephen Codevilla 100 Yard Freestyle-4th 
  • 400 Yard Freestyle Relay 4th - Stephen Codevilla, Justin Gawrych, Chayakorn Ngampatipatpong, James Story

All State Team 

  • 4A Co-Swimmer of the Year James Story
  • Coach of the Year: Debbie Stewart 
  • 4A First Team James Story- 100 Free, 200 Free, 200 Medley Relay
  • 4A First Team Stephen Codevilla- 100 Free, 100 Back, 200 Medley Relay
  • 4A First Team Chayakorn Ngampatipatpong-100 Breast, 200 IM, 200 Medley Relay
  • 4A First Team Justin Leyba- 100 Free, 200 Medley Relay

“I ended up just barely winning at state and it was probably one of the most painful races I’ve ever done,” said Senior Stephen Codevilla. “It was quite an unmatched feeling that still kind of feels unreal to me. That feeling was only boosted by the team winning though. Don’t get me wrong, the individual state title was really cool, but having James win two individuals and the team win on top of that was insane. It felt really good to win, but it also felt really good to have my teammates win around me.”

Girls Golf 4A Team Champion- Erie (3-Peat)

  • Niwot- 7th place 

Girls Golf Individual Champion- Logan Hale-Erie 

  • Hadley Ashton Erie- 2nd
  • Taylor Hale Erie- 5th 
  • Wendy Cheruiyot Niwot- 13th
  • Alena Kasanicky Niwot- 23rd 

“Winning this year means so much to me,” said Senior Logan Hale. “Having it be my senior year, with such a special team, at the course I grew up playing on also meant so much. I definitely was getting emotional at the end just thinking about what a full-circle moment it was for me and how happy I was to have gotten it done, it just feels like such a reflection of all of the hard work I’ve been putting in. It’s definitely a great way to start my summer season.” 

Boys LAX- 4A State Champion- Erie 

This district combination team can draw players from Erie, Longmont, Mead and Niwot. Losing in double overtime last year for the championship, this year they had a clear mission. Junior defense player Aidan Hill played through the championship with self-diagnosed food poisoning. Turns out, the next day he got his appendix removed. 

“This season we’ve had adversity to overcome, so it made this state championship so much better,” said Senior Attacker Davis Mundy. 

Girls LAX- Runner Up 4A State Championship- Mead 

The Mead Girls LAX team is a district team that may combine athletes from Longmont, Mead, Niwot and Erie. 

Girls Tennis 4A

Team Tennis: 

  • Erie High School beat Niwot High School in the First Round 5-2
  • Erie High School lost to Mullen in the Quarterfinals 4-3 

Individual Tennis:

  • #1 Singles from Erie Nanoha Nakamura lost in the Final
  • #1 Singles from Niwot Sahi Kolli 3rd place 
  • #2 Singles from Longmont Stella Rulon in the first round 
  • #2 Singles from Niwot Tracy Yu 3rd place 
  • #3 Singles from Longmont Addison Engelking lost in first round 
  • #1 Doubles from Niwot Anne Haley and Samantha Zacky 3rd place 
  • #4 Doubles from Erie Addie Osborne and Avery Gilbert lost in Semi-Final

Track and Field 

4A Niwot Boys 2nd:

  • STATE RECORD 4x800 1st- Q. Sullivan, C. Mazurana, G. Engtrakul, R. Culpepper
  • Rocco Culpepper 1st- 800 Meter 
  • Rocco Culpepper 1st- 1600 Meter
  • Quinn Sullivan 3rd- 800 Meter
  • Quinn Sullivan 3rd- 1600 Meter
  • 4x400 relay 3rd- J. Archuleta, A. Menjivar, Q. Sullivan, R. Culpepper
  • Weston Domich- 4th Triple Jump

4A Niwot Girls 1st:

  • Addison Ritzenhein 1st- 1600 Meter
  • Reese Kasper 1st-300 M Hurdles 
  • 4x200 1st-  E. Henriques, S. Esquibel, K. Schmidthuber, R. Kasper
  • 4x400 1st- E. Henriques, S. Esquibel, J. Rudolph, R. Kasper
  • 4x800 1st- O. Alessandrini, M. Prok, A. Prok, A. Ritzenhein
  • 4x100 2nd- S. Holliday, K. Schmidthuber, J. Rudolph, S. Esquibel
  • Reese Kasper 2nd-100 Meter
  • Addison Ritzenhein 3rd- 800 Meter
  • Julia Rudolph 4th- 400 Meter
  • Jade West 1st- discus and shot put 

4A Logmont Girls 4th: 

  • 800 Sprint Medly 1st- M. Smith, J. Johnson, E. Pears, T. Brubaker
  • 4x400 2nd- R. Nowlin, J. Johnson, T. Brubaker, E. Pears
  • Ella Pears Triple Jump- 2nd 
  • Ella Augustaitus Shot Put 4th

4A Longmont Boys 8th: 

  • James Krat Long Jump SpcOlym/ParaOlympic- 1st
  • Teagan Malcom 300 M Hurdles-1st
  • 4x200 3rd-T. Rench, Z. Salva, S. Varga, K. Holmes
  • James Krat 200 M SpcOlym/ParaOlympic-3rd 
  • James Krat 100 M SpcOlym/ParaOlympic-4th

4A Silver Creek Girls 14th: 

  • Chloe Ruth 800 M-2nd 
  • Chloe Ruth 400 M- 3rd
  • 800 Sprint Medly 9th-W. McVeigh, R. Crawford, B. Ludlow, W. Lover-brandt

4A Silver Creek Boys 22nd:

  • 4x 200 5th- K. Sam, J. Coleman, J. Boyt, C. Rogers
  • Michael Fertitta Pole Vault-5th
  • 4x100 6th-K. Sam, J. Coleman, J. Boyt, C. Rogers

4A Mead Girls 30th:

  • Rylee Klatt 100 M- 6th 
  • Rylee Klatt 200 M-6th

5A Erie Boys 9th:

  • Mason Cowgill Discus-3rd
  • Jackson Cowgill Shot Put-4th 
  • Joshua Levine Long Jump- 5th
  • 4x100 Meter 5th- G. Lusk, B. Toliver, C. Hageman, J. Levine

5A Erie Girls 33rd:

  • 4x400 Meter 7th- A. Umbenhouer, S. Stroia, R. Rademacher, A. Bjerkaas
  • Natalie Fetters Shot Put- 7th
  • 4x800 Meter 15th-V. Thomas, A. Umbenhouer, R. Rademacher, S. Stroia