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Obstacle racer Glenn Albright to represent USA in world competition

Albright will compete in the 100m obstacle course
Glenn Albright celebrates landing a difficult jump.

Glenn Albright participated in track in college. Then it was all he ever wanted to do. After graduation, he tried several things but nothing stoked his passion the way track did until he found obstacle course racing. What started off as something fun to try has led Albright to represent the USA and Longmont on a world stage.

Albright will travel to Belgium in mid-September as a member of the USA Federation Obstacle Course Racing team. He will be one of 40 team members given the opportunity to compete among 100 countries. 

Albright will compete in the 100m obstacle course, which is where his talents lie, he said. He is a four-time competitor on the American Ninja Warrior show and has competed in other competitions, mostly in Colorado. However, recently he was able to compete in the Philippines, which was special since his mother is Philippino.

When he is not competing or training, Albright is a coach at Warrior Playground in Longmont. In finding ninja training, he also found that he enjoys being a mentor to young people. He believes that it is important to teach young kids to believe in themselves and for adults to invest in the future they want to see by investing in today’s youth. 

“This next generation of kids coming in are all incredible athletes and to see that they are going to be the ones taking over in the near future, I can be a coach for that in the near future to help other kids and inspire them to keep going because you never know where you’ll land. I never knew where I was going to land,” Albright said. 

It is by building these relationships with students and others in the obstacle course racing community that has allowed Albright the chance to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the team. Albright set up a Gofundme page because he didn’t have time to save his own money between the Philippines trip and this opportunity. 

“I work incredibly hard to achieve my goals and try my best to help and inspire others. I'm not one to usually ask for help, but I need your support to make this dream a reality,” he said on the fundraising site. 

For Albright, the competition is more than just an opportunity for him. It is an opportunity for his students to see that their dreams can come true if they work hard enough, dedicate themselves to a cause and work to build a community of support, no matter where that support comes from.