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PUC encourages consumers to report telephone systems that don’t meet 9-1-1 requirements

Multi-line telephone systems are frequently used in places such as schools, office buildings, hotels, and medical facilities
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The Colorado Public Utilities Commission is encouraging consumers to report multi-line telephone systems that don’t meet federal 9-1-1 requirements. Multi-line telephone systems, also called enterprise phone systems, are systems with multiple extensions and are frequently used in places such as schools, office buildings, hotels, and medical facilities.

Federal statute known as Kari’s Law and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations require that multi-line telephone systems made, sold, leased, installed, or upgraded after Feb. 16, 2020 meet certain requirements. Specifically:

  • Users must be able to dial 9-1-1 without first having to dial a “9” or other digit to get an outside line;
  • The system must provide a valid call-back number and specific location information for extension to the 9-1-1 call center; and
  • The system must provide on-site notification to a central location that a 9-1-1 call has been placed.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission maintains an online complaint portal that individuals may use to notify the Commission of violations of these requirements. Valid complaints are relayed to the appropriate federal authorities for investigation. The form may be accessed here.  

Consumers can learn more about the FCC’s requirements for these systems here.  

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