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Understanding the nuances of winter recreation can save a life

Northern Colorado public land agencies share tips for a fun and safe winter
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Winter in Northern Colorado ushers in different types of recreation that residents and visitors alike wait all year to enjoy. Whether skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, or biking, people take full advantage of the opportunities that freshly fallen snow provides. Just as recreation is different in the winter, so is wildlife behavior and the types of encounters people may experience.  

According to the Colorado Search and Rescue Association, there are approximately 3,000 search and rescue incidents in Colorado per year. Around 400,000 volunteer hours are put in annually for training, missions, and other activities. Often, rescues occur on public lands during the winter when visitors are unprepared for changing weather conditions or unexpected trail conditions, have navigation issues, or encounter wildlife. 

Northern Colorado public land managers collaborated to release a video series highlighting avalanche awareness, ice safety, winter gear necessities for the pack and vehicle, and tips for safely interacting with wildlife. These videos will be found in the coming months on the participating agencies’ social media accounts. 

View the winter recreation video series for helpful tips in English and Spanish. 

See a list of winter recreation tips from Northern Colorado land management agencies. 

These messages are part of a broader effort by eight agencies collaborating on ways to address the challenges of high visitation and a growing population in northern Colorado’s foothills and mountains. Called NoCo PLACES 2050, this collaboration is committed to sustainable solutions, equitable actions, and beneficial land management practices for the long-term conservation of public lands in Colorado and the quality of the visitor experience. Learn about NoCo PLACES 2050.