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Letter to the editor: Amy Howe thinks it is time for change

"We need to stop government overreach," Howe said.
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To the Editor: Longmont Leader

I’m writing this letter to indicate my support for Greg Harris as the next Mayor of Longmont.

Greg has lived in Longmont for fifty years and is tired of watching things be done the same old way.

I think it’s time for change.

We know Longmont will grow. Businesses want to come here. Greg supports the efforts of developers to build Workforce Attainable Middle–Class apartments and houses. To do that, the city council has to change the way they do things. Expedited project approval is necessary. We were pleased to hear Greg call for quarterly reports by the Housing Authority to city council to find out what’s holding up housing construction.

And Greg supports infrastructure, not with multi-trillion dollar proposals, but logical, sensible solutions dealing with today’s problems, not a Green New Deal.

We agree with Greg’s opposition to the Healthy Beverage Ordinance. It’s just another example of the city government reaching into our pockets with higher utility rates, carbon taxes and into our personal lives by regulating what we can feed our children.

We need to stop government overreach. 

Vote for Greg Harris as Mayor of Longmont. He is the person to lead us into the future.

Amy Howe