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Letter to the editor: David and Kathy Droege: We need leaders who care about Longmont's special interests

"Making housing in Longmont affordable and attainable is a special interest that Joan cares about," the Droeges said.
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I encourage you to vote for Joan Peck for Mayor.

Joan is pragmatic.  She understands that change takes time and that many of the challenges facing our community these days are complicated.   She also understands that the city council works for us – that’s you and me. Joan does not use fear-mongering or intimidation to promote change. She leads by example, with kindness and dogged determination.  Though she is very experienced, she acknowledges that she isn’t always the expert in the room. Joan actively seeks and listens to feedback. The city is the second-largest employer in town (behind the school district) and these city employees (your friends and neighbors) are continually gathering community feedback and offering data, insight, and citizen suggestions to the city council to help provide them with as much information as possible.

Lately, I’ve seen some messages suggesting that we should avoid candidates in support of special interests.

Well, we need leaders who care about Longmont’s special interests.

Getting something for all of the money that you and your neighbors have already paid into RTD FasTracks is a special interest that Joan cares about. Joan’s persistence has been pivotal in keeping this project moving forward.

The desire to breathe clean air and drink clean water is a special interest that Joan cares about.  She led the petition drive for Prop 300 to ban fracking within city limits.  She encouraged the council to implement our new air quality monitors, as well as the resolution for Longmont’s electrical supply to use 100% renewable energy sources by 2030.

Making housing in Longmont affordable and attainable is a special interest that Joan cares about. She led an initiative resulting in the creation of Safe Lots to give folks living in their vehicles a place to stay. Longmont now has two Safe Lots for residents waiting for housing. Joan supports Longmont’s 12% affordable new housing requirement, giving developers a number of ways to meet it while broadening Longmont’s affordable housing base.

Vote Joan Peck for Mayor, someone who sincerely has your well being at heart.

David and Kathy Droege