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Letter to the editor: Dennis Coombs and Bonnie Finley endorse Tim Waters for Mayor

"Although we may sometimes disagree on issues, we both endorse Tim Waters for Mayor."
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Dear Editor,

Although we may sometimes disagree on issues, we both endorse Tim Waters for Mayor. Tim is the type of leader who will listen and consider both sides of an issue and then make his decision for the best outcome based on the facts presented. He is not driven by ideology alone. Tim has the vision, independence and sense of accountability needed to lead Longmont into the future.

He has proven himself as someone who will make a difference. He doesn’t just talk the talk he walks the walk - meaning he is willing and able to do what is necessary to move Longmont forward. In the post-pandemic world, cities with strong mayors will be able to recover quicker and will be more resilient in handling the next disaster that may come. Most importantly, we will vote for Dr. Tim Waters because he can’t and won’t be controlled by other outside or inside political forces. We believe Tim to be more ethical, equitable, civil, more collaborative and inclusive. We hope you will join us in voting for Tim Waters for Longmont’s next Mayor.

Former Mayor Dennis Coombs and Former City Councilperson Bonnie Finley

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