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Letter to the editor: Kathy Partridge: We need someone who knows local issues

It’s very important that everyone vote in this year’s Longmont city election.
Photo by Phil Scroggs on Unsplash

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It’s very important that everyone vote in this year’s Longmont city election. And it’s very important that we vote to re-elect Aren Rodriguez to another term on city council. When I hear Aren talk about city issues, I am impressed with his grasp of the complexity of these issues and all the technical details they involve. But I’m not surprised. That’s how an experienced incumbent talks; Aren has already learned about and dealt with the details of issues the next council will face. It’s far different from the vague generalities we get from candidates who are not now on the council. 

Take affordable housing, for example. Aren knows that if people who work in Longmont are going to afford to live here, we need responsible growth. He knows that we need at least 2,000 more units of affordable housing, as well as more attainable/workforce housing -- and he understands the difference between the two categories. He knows that, to reach these goals, we must update the existing codes to allow for creative and flexible opportunities. With his experience as a city council member, and before that a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the city, Aren has the grasp of technical details that are needed to make these improvements in a way that’s most fair for everyone. 

That is just one of many reasons I support incumbent Aren Rodriguez for another term on Longmont City Council. 

Kathy Partridge