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Letter to the editor: Polly Christensen: The Mayor we deserve

"I have served for six years with Joan Peck and I have served for three years with her main opponent," Christensen said.
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Joan Peck is a tireless advocate for the hard-working residents of Longmont. We need her leadership as the mayor for our future.

Joan has a strong and clear vision of what she intends to initiate and finish. Her accomplishments are built upon hard work; not arrogance, vindictiveness and grandstanding. She has started and operated a small business, supervised and managed employees, worked in the banking and tech industries and she been a public school librarian and substitute teacher.

Joan listens carefully to all sides, then she does the research. She builds coalitions. She stays focused, insisting upon results based upon the principles of our democratic republic. She leads and succeeds with initiatives such as the charter amendment to ban fracking in city limits; the petition to prevent Union Reservoir from becoming a publicly-financed religious enclave; the expansion of Longmont’s air quality monitoring; transportation advocacy with BNSF/RTD/Governor Polis. She is steadfast in her advocacy for quality early childhood education and affordable housing for all residents of Longmont.

I have served for six years with Joan Peck and I have served for three years with her main opponent. There is no comparison: I cannot remember a single successful project he initiated. But he did manage to delay the implementation of the affordable housing ordinance for over a year and repeatedly demanded residential metro districts, a known burden for homeowners. Check out the financial contributors to this election. Joan does not represent the special interests who are profiting from and manipulating our elections and council. Joan represents all residents of Longmont.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor and public servant, Joan has dedicated the last 44 years to listening to and representing the good-hearted people of Longmont.

Stand up for your future. Vote for Joan Peck, the Mayor we deserve.

Polly Christensen